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(~8/31) Cool Summer Event

₩290,000 ₩333,000


On hot summer days, make your skin shine brighter than the sun and saturate it with moisture.
Don’t miss out on the exclusive super discount sale available at Jivaka Beauty.

Top 10 Picks to
Energize Your Summer

Only at JIVAKA! Make a Savvy Choice!

#Ultrasound Lifting

Ultherapy 100 Shots

333,000 won

290,000 won

#Body Contour Injection

Pistor 20cc

(80cc max.)

410,000 won

360,000 won

Emergency SOS for Soothing Skin! Optimal Plan to Ease Irritated Skin


Agnes + Pimple Extraction
1 session

217,000 won~

190,000 won~

#One Day Premium Multiplex Laser

RevLite + Clarity + Care

320,000 won

280,000 won

The Most In-Demand Treatments Right Now! Top-Rated Treatment Picks

#Botox for Enhanced Lift

Liftox Premium

(Jawline, V-Line, Forehead, Eye Area, Cheekbone, Mouth Area, Marionette Line)

71,000 won~

60,000 won~

#Moisturized and Radiant

Lip Filler 1cc

320,000 won~

280,000 won~

The Buzzed Procedures Among Those Who’ve Tried! No One Should Miss Out on Them!

#Managing Sagging and Wrinkles at Once

Thread Lift

(Mint Thread 4 threads)

320,000 won

290,000 won

#Non-Surgical, Fast and Safe

TLX Nose Lift

1,087,000 won

750,000 won

Dealing with Dehydrated Skin? Experience Deep Hydration from Within

#Pores, Elasticity, Rejuvenation

Exosome Skin Booster 3cc

333,000 won

290,000 won

#The Ultimate Radiance Booster

Stem Cell Injection 30cc

1,160,000 won

990,000 won

*VAT Excluded


Park Joo Young | Head Doctor

  • Busan National University Dept of Medicine
  • 2017 11th Korea Health Industry Awards, The Grand Prize

Our facilities


Sinsa Human Tower 10 floor
605 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 605 (서초구 잠원동 20-9)
휴먼 Tower 10층 비오페이스의원

Hours of Operation

MON-FRI |   10:30 AM ~ 08:30 PM
SAT |   10:30 AM ~ 04:00 PM
SUN | Closed

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