3 Things To Know About Korean Vaginalplatsy

Cosmetic vaginal surgery refers to surgically tightening the vaginal walls and gathering the pelvic muscles that are damaged due to childbirth, aging, and obesity. The vagina and pelvic condition for each individual can differ and the reason and goal for treatment can differ. In this post, we summarized three things you must know about cosmetic vaginal surgery and vaginal reduction surgery, including factors in evaluating female vaginal conditions, sexual function, as well as types of cosmetic vaginal surgery in Korea.

Evaluation Factors of Vaginal Conditions & Sexual Function

Evaluation Factors of Vaginal Conditions & Sexual Function

Factors for evaluating female vaginal condition and function include △Interior pelvic angle △Vagina mucous membrane condition △Vaginal axis and clitoris position


Interior Pelvic Angle

The interior pelvic angle refers to the angle of the inner pelvis. If the interior pelvic angle is narrow, the vagina will be narrower. If the pelvic angle is wide, then the vagina will be wider. A lot of people misunderstand that if the vagina is wide in general, then the vaginal itself is wide as well. However, the vaginal canal and the interior pelvic bone determine the width of the vagina. Hence, the vagina size depends on the pelvic bone, which is a genetic factor.


1)Females with narrow interior pelvic angle:

The length of the vaginal entrance to the uterus is long, and the vaginal anatomy is packed together.


2)Females with wide interior pelvic angle:

The length of the vaginal entrance to the uterus is very short. Due to abdominal pressure, abdominal structures such as the uterus are brought down into the vaginal cavity. When the vaginal canal is empty, a natural delivery may have more advantages, but vaginal relaxation may be more severe due to ruptures of the vaginal entrance and pelvic muscles, and the frequency of urinary incontinence symptoms may increase due to cystoptosis.


3)Comparing the different conditions according to the interior pelvic muscle:

The muscles of our bodies have voluntary muscles that give force to our will and involuntary muscles that automatically give force regardless of our will. Pelvic bones also have voluntary muscles, and in the case of a narrow interior pelvic angle, the vagina can tighten strongly on the inside when applying force, but it is difficult for those with a wide interior pelvic angle to apply force.
In particular, during natural childbirth, muscle rupture occurs due to perineal incision, and muscle function is lost, making it impossible to give strength after. In addition, the amount of connective tissue present in the pelvis (connective tissue: a tissue that acts like an adhesive to keep each part of our body well connected and controls growth), the difference in elasticity, and the amount of adipose tissue get affected. If your health deteriorates or if you lose a lot of fat due to unreasonable dieting, you may feel that your vagina has widened.


Vaginal mucous membrane condition

Women's vaginal mucous membranes are different in thickness for each individual, and people are born with different vaginal mucosa ridges. The more diverse and hard the ridges of the vaginal mucosa are, the thicker the vaginal mucous is, the more elastic it is which can stimulate the male genitals during sexual intercourse.
There are a variety of conditions from women with ridges all over the vagina, to women with some at the entrance to the vagina, or none at all. Women who were born with a lot of genetic and congenital ridges often have no problems even as they age. But even with vaginal mucosal ridges, women with thin and inelastic vaginal mucosa membranes often find that it disappears after aging and childbirth. Vaginal mucosa membrane thickness can be measured by ultrasound.


Vaginal axis and clitoral position

Vaginal axis can be referred to as the angle of the vagina, and it refers to the angle from the center of the cervix in the vagina to the vaginal opening in a comfortable lying state. Women born with a narrow pelvic interior angle tend to have an upward angle (vaginal angle), and women with a wide pelvic interior angle and severe vaginal laxity tend to have a vaginal axis with a downward angle.
The woman's vaginal axis becomes the insertion axis of the male genital organ. When the male genital organ is inserted, the higher the vaginal axis, the closer the distance between the clitoris and the male genital becomes, which helps the female genital become directly stimulated. In this case, it is easy for females to experience orgasm. In addition, the closer the area where the female clitoris is located to the vaginal opening, the more advantageous it is to be stimulated when inserting the male genital organ. If the clitoral hood is thick and if more of it is exposed, stronger stimulation of the clitoris occurs. This can result in strong female orgasm.

Types of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery in Seoul

Types of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery in Seoul

1) Vaginoplasty:

The muscles inside the vagina and also the vaginal entrance will be tightened to restore elasticity. The natural folds and ridges inside of the vagina will be restored, which helps increase sensation during intercourse.

2) Vaginal axis surgery:

This surgery helps reconstruct the vagina to a normal structure (banana shape). It helps progress sensation in the area during intercourse.

3) Vagina mucous surgery:

Surgery that creates folds and ridges on the mucous membrane to strengthen vaginal constriction.

Korean Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery
3 Things to Remember Before Korean Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

1) The first reason for vaginal surgery is for health

Due to pregnancy, childbirth, and aging, the muscles surrounding the vagina get stretched, the uterus sags, and the vaginal mucosa undergoes changes in which the folds disappear. These changes cause the inside of the vagina to stretch without being tightly closed. In severe cases, water seeping into the vagina may occur during a bath.
When the vagina is stretched out and exposed to the outside, it eventually becomes vulnerable to infections and various health problems occur due to this external infection. The inside of the vagina is moist and close to the anus and urethra, so various viruses, fungi, and bacteria can easily enter the vagina, which can easily cause infections such as vaginitis.

Because of this problem, if you use feminine washes frequently, it can make the problem worse by killing healthy bacteria that should be inside the vagina. The vagina is a part of the body in which the pH balance must be stable. If you are physically tired or under severe stress, you need to be careful as harmful bacteria can increase which leads to a high probability of exposure to female diseases such as vaginitis and cystitis.

Female vaginal surgery can correct the problem of the inner vagina being exposed, as described above, and protect our bodies from various infections. In addition, it can prevent pelvic organ prolapses, such as cystocele and rectocele. Therefore, vaginal health is the most important thing to consider during cosmetic vaginal surgery. Of course, cosmetic vaginal surgery can improve not only the health but also sexual satisfaction.

2) Excessive tightening should be avoided during cosmetic vaginal surgery

Excessive cosmetic vaginal surgery can cause pain during intercourse and make it difficult. In this case, you will eventually have to have revision surgery to re-incise and lengthen the vagina. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the current size and degree of vaginal constriction rather than carrying out excessive and unreasonable surgery.

There is an operation method that narrows the width of the vagina by excising the sagging area, and there is also a method of tying it while preserving the vaginal muscles to minimize incisions. If only the entrance of the vagina is narrowed, the corrective effect through surgery may be limited. The muscle layers are only up to 2/3 of the vagina, and the muscle above the cervix is very thin. Therefore, the most natural result can be obtained by performing surgery depending on the depth where the muscles of the vagina are located, and by narrowing the muscles and creating a natural curve according to the shape of the vagina.

It should be noted that the vagina is a very sensitive area, so you should choose a way to preserve it so that the vaginal muscles are not damaged. If there are too many incisional sites, the vaginal fluid after surgery may become irregular which can cause vaginal dryness and dyspareunia.

3)Cosmetic vaginal surgery is different from urinary incontinence surgery.

A distinction must be made between urinary incontinence surgery and cosmetic vaginal surgery. Cosmetic vaginal surgery is cosmetic vaginal surgery, and urinary incontinence is urinary incontinence. Of course, cosmetic vaginal surgery can have some effect on urinary incontinence because it narrows the surrounding muscle tissue. Urinary incontinence can be improved with a simple surgery, so it is convenient to perform the surgery simultaneously. There is an advantage of improving urinary incontinence and vaginal relaxation at the same time.
Cosmetic vaginal surgery is a surgery that deals with the female body anatomically, and because it is a sensitive area, it is recommended to find out as much information as possible before surgery and to choose a medical institution that also performs various procedures such as labia minora reduction, vaginal tightening procedures, as well as treatment effects. This is one of the ways to increase satisfaction after surgery and treatment.

Precautions After Korean Vaginoplasty

Precautions After Korean Vaginoplasty

①It is recommended to rest for at least a day after surgery and to refrain from strenuous activities and exercises.

②Stiff and tight sensations may occur in the anus and perineum 1~2 days after surgery. Pain may vary depending on the individual.

③Taking the prescribed medications is mandatory.

④You can eat normally after surgery, just refrain from consuming alcohol.

⑤2~3 days after surgery, light bleeding (less than menstrual bleeding) can occur. You can use a pad.

⑥Sporadic bleeding may occur for 1~3 weeks after surgery.

⑦You do not need to disinfect or bathe the surgery area.

⑧Showering after surgery is possible, but bathing is recommended when the bleeding stops.

⑨Itchiness and eczema can occur due to using pads and moisture. If you feel discomfort, it is recommended to seek treatment depending on your condition/concerns.

⑩The threads in the vagina will dissolve 2~3 weeks after surgery, which can increase discharge.

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