A Complete Guide To Getting Jaw Botox In Korea

Have you thought of having a slim, thinner and young-looking face? Then you might consider getting a jaw Botox in Korea. Jaw reduction using Botox could be the best treatment of getting rid of your square jaw.

Many women sometimes complain of looking masculine because the jaws are strong and wider. These large jaw muscles contribute to a squarer face. The goal has always been to achieve a feminine face which is more V-shaped or oval in nature.

There are several ways of face contouring – referred to as square jaw Botox or the V-line Botox in Korea and most Asian countries. Instead of going for Orthognathic Surgery (Double-Jaw Surgery), many have resorted to the rather painless method of Botox injection to achieve the desired V-shape face.

Furthermore, factors such as temporary paralysis of the muscles around the jaw, and development of chewing muscles of the chin can lead to jawline correction using Botox. Physiologically, the muscles degrade if they are not used, hence the need to check at regular times.

Why is Botox injection a popular way of shrinking the larger square face?

What makes Korea a popular destination for having square jaw Botox or v-line Botox?

Here is a complete guide to help you understand the different stages of square jaw Botox, V-line Botox and how you can contact the best doctors for your perfect procedure.

What is Jaw Botox

You can develop a broad square face due to an enlargement of the jaw muscles. This condition is called Masseter muscle hypertrophy. These Masseter muscles are primarily used for mastication and jaw clenching activities. So, when they abnormally become bulky and tensed, the jaws require serious attention.

Therefore, Botox jaw reduction becomes necessary. It is simply the process of injecting Botulinum Toxin (Botox) into these Masseter muscles to attain a slimmer and more streamlined V-shape of the jaws. The process also makes the cheekbones appear neatly sculpted to the chin and well-toned.

In other words, Botox makes the skin feel smoother, younger, more beautiful and refreshed. It can also reduce drastically, the appearance of wrinkle lines on the side cheeks and on the forehead.

Botox injection is painless because it is non-surgical, non-invasive and takes less time. Doctors in Korea have perfected this process over the years with high success rates for patients. You don’t have to look any further than visit to have a jaw Botox or V-line Botox in Korea.

And did you know that the Botox technique originated from Korea? This means a lot of research went into this alternative treatment of the square face, as the society tilted towards feminine beauties with V-shape faces.

Best Case For Jaw Botox In Korea

How do you know it is critical to get a Botox jaw reduction or V-line Botox? You need to carefully analyze the appearance of certain features on the face and symptoms before you decide. These steps will help you with any square jaw Botox procedure.

If you have any of these symptoms, a Botox procedure is ideal for you;

  • The feel of a large amount of muscle if you touch the jaw after clenching your teeth
  • A square-shaped jawline
  • Excessively masculine jaw structure
  • The appearance of double chin
  • Bruxism (excessive teeth-grinding) - some dentists and doctors believe it causes headaches and facial pain, known as Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) or Temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ pain).
  • Chubby or bloated cheeks
  • Bulky muscles with broad jaws

Not Recommended Case For Jaw Botox In Korea

Jaw botox is not recommended for persons;

  1. who has steeply raked cheekbones

  2. who has sunken cheeks

  3. who has wapperjaw that makes the face look long

These drawbacks may be more noticeable due to Botox treatment.

Duration of Jaw Botox Procedure And Effect

square jaw botox before after

Jaw Botox reduction or V-line Botox is performed by injecting the Botox into the Masseter muscles on both sides of the cheeks. Doctors use fine and sterilized needles for this treatment. Prior to that, the doctor assesses the face and Masseter muscles. They will then make marks on the area of the face that will receive the needle injection.

It is very simple and straightforward – completed within 1-2 minutes. The muscles begin to relax after the injection. However, patients can start seeing results within 4 weeks. You can see the maximum effect after 2 or 3 months.

Within this period, the jaw muscles will relax and shrinking will take effect. You should attain the desired smoother and slimmer face after a couple of month-interval follow-up appointments. This will help maintain the results.

Jaw Botox Pain

The procedure is so simple, it can be performed with or without numbing cream. On the other hand, cooling the treatment area for 5 minutes with an ice pack is enough. There shouldn’t be much pain or discomfort. Due to the improved techniques and equipment, there is no bleeding or bruises in the affected areas.

Price of Having Jaw Botox In Korea

Getting square jaw Botox or V-line Botox in Korea is highly competitive. It is common to see advertised prices and discounts splattered on flyers and billboards. That makes this procedure relatively cheaper than any other places. Square Jaw Botox can also be performed alongside

On average, 50 units of botulinum toxin are injected for jaw Botox treatment.

The prices for each brand based on 50 units are as follows.

  1. Allergan - USD 170~

  2. Xeomin - USD 145~

  3. Meditoxin - USD 48~

  4. Botulax - USD 38~

Side Effects of Jaw Botox Reduction Procedure

The strength of the chewing muscles may weaken, and make you feel slightly uncomfortable. However, you will recover after a month.

It can also affect the salivary glands and occasionally cause dry mouth.

Wrong injections at the muscles might also cause it to freeze and affect breathing.

Botox is a toxin-based treatment. In rare cases, muscle paralysis in areas that are not treated can occur, or side effects such as Dyspnea can occur. Visit the hospital immediately if you experience such symptoms.

Jaw Botox Korea Before & After

Square Jaw Botox Before After 3
square jaw botox before after 2
Square Jaw Botox Before After 4

As indicated, the results are rapid after a very successful procedure. The raving reviews testify why getting jaw Botox or V-line Botox in Korea may be the best decision for you. Masseter injection has proven to be a safe process.

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