Acne Treatment in Korea

Acne is very annoying and puts a dent on facial beauty. It is one of the conditions that just appears and multiplies across the surface of the face skin. If you are constantly pestered with this skin problem, you may consider comprehensive acne treatment in Korea to get rid of them once and for all.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is caused by secretion of oils in the sebaceous glands of the skin. The secreted oils clog the pores of the skin and pop up as acne. Therefore, they create blemishes on the skin such as pimples and other acne scars.

Acne can be very intensive on one's skin and if appropriate treatments are not undertaken, it can aggravate into more skin problems.

Acne-induced skin is caused by many factors such as;
1. Environmental conditions
2. Hormonal imbalance
3. Foods and certain eating habits
4. Lifestyle changes
6. Stress

Who Can Obtain Acne Treatment in Korea

a. Acne treatment is ideal for people with pimples and blemishes spread across facial skin.
b. Additionally, if you have whiteheads, sebum, and sensitive skin, you should consider this skin treatment formula.
c. People who have tried many times to get rid of acne through various traditional means like antibiotics and creams but to no avail.

Important Factors for Successful Acne Treatment in Korea

Early detection and treatment of acne is key to a permanent solution.

Also, the most important criterion for acne treatment is whether or not these acnes leave permanent scarring.

Consult with a dermatologist as early as possible if you don't want to touch your acne and leave a scar or cause a secondary infection. This can prevent inflammation.

Finally, patients should consider the expertise of dermatologists, the skin clinic sought, the type of treatment and the kind of technology or equipment to be used for skin treatment.

Cost of Acne treatment in Korea and Why The Price is low

Skin treatment in Korea has evolved and invented over the years. Many patients visit dermatology clinics for acne treatment because it is highly effective among other successful cosmetic skin treatments.

Therefore, dermatologists in Korea have actively introduced therapeutic devices with the abundance of clinics and specialists, and price competition has made it cheaper than other countries.

Cost of acne treatment in Korea may also vary according to the condition and methods.


Dermatologist Acne treatment in Korea

Skin and acne treatments mainly focus on 2 factors;

1. To prevent inflammation by removing the exfoliation of the comedone early.
2. Inflammation control after infection

Three types of acne treatments are performed; pharmacologic treatment, laser treatment, and PDT treatment.

Types of Acne Treatment (Non-Laser) in Korea and Cost

1. Pharmacologic Treatment

This form of treatment requires taking prescribed or applied medication. It is mostly used for mild acne.

However, in the case of oral medications, women of childbearing age should examine the duration of their medication and whether she is pregnant or not.

If a recurrence occurs after a Pharmacologic treatment, complex treatment is needed.

2. Pimple Squeeze and Regeneration Therapy

pimple squeeze Image Source

Pimple squeeze method is effective to get rid of whiteheads, blacked heads, and clogged pores. It is important to minimize inflammatory reactions through proper treatment of acne and proper squeezing of pimples.

Moreover, patients should receive regenerative therapy to soothe skin irritated by pimple Squeeze quickly.  It reduces redness, fever, and headaches.


3. Peeling

aqua peel korea Image Source

Aqua peel is also a non-invasive method for acne treatment.  is good for acne trouble improvement as it helps remove pimples and waste matter from the skin. It has the effect of cleaning sebum, pimples, dead skin cell, and demodex. Furthermore, it moisturizes the skin.


Laser Acne Treatment in Korea: Types and Cost

A type of laser equipment is used to reduce the sebum secretion (which causes acne) through re-alignment of the sebaceous gland. Thus, laser skin treatment can also improve skin quality through brightening and smoothing.

Depending on the condition of the skin, it can also be accompanied by light peeling or whitening treatments. New laser equipment has been invented in recent years so this type of treatment is becoming popular in Korea.

1. VBeam (Vascular) Laser Treatment

laser acne treatment korea Image Source

It is a vascular laser with 595nm wavelength, which acts selectively only on the vessel. It has the effect of sterilizing acne germs. It is also effective in relieving the red spot that accompanies acne.


2. Agnes Treatment

agnes acne treatment korea Image Source

Korean dermatologists invented the Agnes treatment method to permanently stop acne development. It is a procedure that uses RF energy targeted at the affected tissues.

The main goal is to destroy the sebaceous gland by generating heat energy of special wavelengths. Since heat energy is transmitted by the depth of the sebaceous gland, there is little damage to the epidermis or other skin tissues.


3. PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy)

PDT Treatment Image Source

Photodynamic therapy reduces the size and activity of sebaceous glands and sterilizes acne germs. A photosensitizer is applied to the area where the sebum blocked has the pores. The light from the photosynthesizer destroys the acne and any form of bacteria.

It is becoming popular as it helps solve severe cases of inflammatory acne and non-responsive acne treatments. PDT does not cause scarring.


Number of Acne treatments in Korea for Best Effect

Acne treatment involves multiple routines. Once is not enough. Four to six treatments are recommended every 1 week for laser treatment.

However, there is also a one-day package for patients who cannot afford to visit hospitals frequently.

Package treatments also include various acne laser treatment and regenerative therapy.

Recovery for Acne Treatment

Laser acne treatments may take up to 1 week for recovery. You are advised to desist from touching, squeezing or scratching the treated areas. Patients are recommended to drink lots of water for the skin to recover quickly.

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