All you need to know about ONDA lifting procedure

All you need to know about ONDA lifting procedure

The Onda lifting utilizes extreme-ultrasound technology. Extreme-ultrasound penetrates through the epidermis without losing energy and directly heats the dermis, enabling effective lifting and tightening procedures without damaging the epidermis.

In the case of conventional high-frequency lasers, it's reported that nearly 70% of the energy is lost within the epidermal layer, so only about 30% of the energy reaches the dermal layer. On the other hand, with Onda lifting, it's said that only about 20% of the energy is lost within the epidermal layer, allowing for the delivery of energy close to 80% to the dermal layer.


The effects of ONDA

The tissue image shows the actual collagen changes in the dermis of the skin after Onda lifting treatment. Comparing before and after the procedure, you can observe a denser skin layer due to increased collagen production.

Onda lifting provides an effective solution to skin aging issues that typically arise after middle age. By targeting fat cells, Onda lifting also induces fat reduction. Statistics show that over 90% of users experience improved skin elasticity after treatment. Onda lifting is usually conducted over multiple sessions with intervals of about 6 weeks, and noticeable improvements can be expected after each session. For optimal results, continuous maintenance and the possibility of additional sessions should also be considered. Onda lifting offers an effective and safe solution to skin aging and fat reduction problems through non-surgical methods, allowing many individuals to gain greater confidence. Experience healthy and beautiful skin through this technology.

Is ONDA lifting painful?

Another characteristic of Onda lifting is its "cool waves technology." This technology includes temperature sensors in the handpiece that maintain the skin's epidermal layer at a cool temperature through contact cooling. This helps lower the epidermal temperature during the procedure. In fact, the effectiveness of this technology is such that patients often experience minimal to no pain during the procedure, making it suitable even for individuals sensitive to procedural pain.

What is the price range for the procedure?

The cost of the procedure varies depending on factors such as the location of the clinic, the expertise of the doctor, and the type of equipment used. Generally, considering the effectiveness and safety of the treatment, the cost falls within a reasonable range. Particularly, since Onda lifting provides long-lasting effects, it tends to offer high satisfaction relative to the initial investment. Treatment costs typically start at around 300,000 Korean won and may increase if multiple sessions are included.

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