Facial bone contouring surgery in KOREA

“Mask scammers” – that’s how in Korea called people who look cool while wearing masks, but once they are taken off, the face looks completely different due to the revealed lower part. The contrast is even more dramatic if one has a protruding mouth, square jaw, protruding chin, or cheekbones.  


Facial bone contouring surgery


Facial contouring is a surgical procedure addressing the shape of the face. The most common surgeries are Facial bone contouring surgery, Cheekbone reduction surgery, Square jaw surgery, Mini V-line surgery, and V-line surgery. Those surgeries reduce the size of the face at the same time considering the proportions of the cheekbones, square jaw, chin tip, and different angles of the face. Both an accurate pre-surgical design and surgery itself are extremely important since they determine both aesthetic results and post-surgery side effects. A dramatic effect can be expected in the case of an over-developed facial contour, while soft changes may be seen when bones are resected in small amounts to smooth out uneven lines.  

Facial contouring surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  • big and protruding cheekbones make the face look wider
  • masculine appearance due to a large and heavy jawline
  • receding, long, or
  • protruding chin
  • severe facial asymmetry

About facial contouring surgery

  • Surgery duration: 1-2 hours
  • Anesthesia method: sedation or general anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: same-day discharge or 1-day hospitalization
  • Stitch removal: 7-10 days after


Special points of facial contouring surgery


Cheekbone reduction surgery

Protruding cheekbones give the face a more harsh appearance. During surgery, the higher and the closer to the orbital bone the incision made, the more effectively cheekbone points can be reduced. It is also possible to minimize skin sagging through the upper fixation of the osteotomy cheekbones.

Square jaw surgery

It may be recommended if the lower part of the face appears wider due to overdeveloped jaw bone and square corners located under the ears. If muscles in the area are overdeveloped as well, a slimmer look can be achieved through cortical bone resection, masseter muscle resection, or buccal fat removal.

During surgery, an appropriate and gentle cut reduces the feeling of palpation, while minimal muscle and skin detachment ensures a faster recovery.

Mini V-line Surgery / V-line Surgery

If the goal is to only improve the long, short, or pointless chin, then a great effect can be achieved through Mini V-line surgery. V-line surgery is effective in improving asymmetry while giving a slimmer look by moving the chin tip to the front, back, left, right, up, and down. Bone resection is performed with consideration of nerve and blood vessels, and since the bone is replaced without gaps, there is no need for bone grafting.


When it may be difficult to perform facial contouring surgery?


Face size is affected by a number of factors. The problem of excess fat in cheeks or double chin, can be solved by weight loss and lymphatic massage.

However, if you are looking for a more effective approach, facial liposuction can permanently remove fat cells. Since the face is a very delicate area with a lot of nerves and blood vessels in it, the surgeon’s skills and expertise are crucial.

Swelling after Facial Contouring Surgery

After facial contour surgery, the swelling continues up to 72 hours and subsides gradually starting four days after the surgery while large swells start disappearing approximately a week after surgery.

The degree of swelling and its recovery varies individually, but the shorter the operation time, the less swelling will occur. If the surgeon doesn't have enough experience, unnecessary wounds may appear and affect surrounding tissues, resulting in long-lasting swells.

Sagging cheeks - is it normal after facial contouring surgery?

Sagging cheeks is one of the most common side effects after facial contouring surgery. It’s a condition when the tissue descends into the space where the bones were resected.

Cheek sagging mainly happens when the bone was resected more than necessary and can be minimized if the surgery is performed in consideration of the contour ratio, soft tissue condition, and functionality.


How to choose the right clinic specializing in facial contouring surgery?


  • Decide whether you want to get surgery at a large hospital or at a one-surgeon clinic
  • The medical staff should have extensive clinical experience
  • The clinic should have a mandatory CCTV in operating rooms
  • 3D-CT equipment for face structure examination should be available
  • The clinic should provide detailed consultation and precautions, and share the schedule.



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