Four skin care tips for windy Korean April


Dry weather in April in Korea makes skin rough, and when combined with increased sebaceous gland activity, it makes skin look oilier. The amount of sebum released by the skin increases by 10% every time the temperature outdoors climbs by one degree. Therefore, a lot of sebum collects in the pores as a result of increased sebum secretion caused by warmer temperature. There's also heavy metal tiny dust and pollen, which irritates the skin even more.

So let's learn some secrets of spring skincare to help you enjoy this beautiful season.


1. Exfoliate dead skin cells


Spring skincare should start with proper pore cleansing. Fine and yellow dust, along with pollen that comes in spring, mix with dead skin cells and sebum, blocking pores and causing acne - a major problem for many people.

The hardest of epidermal cells with thin shells are the reason for rough and dry skin surface. Epidermis, which constantly renews itself, peels old cells off in a 28-day cycle called epidermal keratinization.

Why do you need exfoliation? The reason is that dead skin cells gather on the epidermis, preventing the supply of moisture and nutrients inside the skin and interfering with skin metabolism. It also makes skin look dull and rough. More than that, skin keratinization makes skincare more difficult. No matter how good cosmetics you use, the effect is likely to be minimized if dead cells are still covering your skin. Those cells also cause dry and prone to wrinkles and irritation skin.

Peeling products might help you manage your skin problems at home, but if you use one that isn't right for your skin type, you can get even more irritation.

There are a few recommendations from Korean dermatologists:

  • Aqua Peel for deep pore cleansing,
  • Lhala Fill that makes skin firmer from the inside,
  • Water Glow Peel that makes skin bloom with peeling only,
  • O2 Peel that instantly supplies oxygen to the skin

In addition, Rose Peel and Aladdin Peel are also recommended as they have a strong peeling effect.


2. Keep your skin moist


Fine wrinkles may appear if your skin gets dry due to the weather. Dry skin and dermatitis symptoms are also likely to occur as a result of temperature changes. When you feel your skin is dry, providing moisture through moisturizing or soothing care is essensial in balancing oil, hydration and skin soothing.

Avoid spending too much time in bath or sauna if your skin is sensitive to temperature changes. Using a moisturizing spray or essence is also one of best ways to balance your skin condition in the spring. In addition, drinking enough water and sleeping properly can also help to relieve dry skin symptoms.

There are two successfully restoring moisture dermatological treatments: Waterful Care, which distributes moisture to dry skin, and LDM Lifting, a moisture lifting treatment. We also recommend the following skin boosters: Salmon Injection, Water Glow Injection, Rejuran Healer, Filmed NCTF since they are able to get directly inside the skin.


3. Acne treatment


Whiteheads are a type of acne appearing in the spring and are characterized by dense white bumps on the face.

Many people struggle to identify if it's acne or not, but as the temperature warms up in the summer, it often turns into purulent acne. Therefore, it is essential that you act quickly and seek treatment if you have whiteheads.

Gold PTT is one of the most popular acne treatments in Korea. It is a treatment that uses light-absorbing gold particles and light pulses. Other acne, pore, and scar lasers include Cica Laser, Seal Firm Gold Laser, Derma Acne, Legato Laser, Accu Toning, Pico Fraxel, Fraxel, etc.


4. Whitening treatment


The chance of skin troubles, spots, and freckles increases in the spring because of yellow dust, pollen, and UV rays. After cold and dry winter season, the skin remained weak and sensitive. As a result, the pigment that makes your skin black is more likely to be accumulated, and blemishes are more likely to appear if you are exposed to UV rays frequently. Particularly in the spring, UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) - the most direct causes of blemishes and spots, are very active. For instance, UVB increases rapidly in April and May, reaching its maximum in summer.

Proper cleansing is the basis of every whitening treatment. Be careful when removing makeup as its residue left on the skin is the main cause of pigmentation.

When the spring sun shines brightly, sunscreen is a must. Vitamin C also helps in brightening and whitening skin tone.

So how do Korean dermatologists handle skin whitening? There is a simple procedure called Pico Toning, which uses instantaneous laser power to improve pigmentation on the desired area. We also offer V-Laser that can be used for different skin ussues in three modes: Tone, Redness, and Elasticity. There are also Dual Toning, Triple Toning, Excel V Laser, and LaLa Toning. It's also recommended to continuously receive fundamental treatment through our pigment solution package.


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