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The reason why Korean Vaser 2 Liposuction is a brilliant choice


Maintaining a beautiful body line through exercising or diet is a concern of all ages. However, if you still struggle losing weight no matter which diets you tried, or if it is difficult to get rid of fat in a specific part, you have to consider liposuction. It’s the same when you rapidly gain weight after childbirth, or in case of men's gynecomastia.


Liposuction can safely target only subcutaneous fat accumulated in the body, that’s why it is effective in shaping thighs, abdomen, forearms, and the whole body. There are several typical liposuction methods:


1) In which fat is sucked out after injecting a tumescent solution;

2) In which fat is removed by spraying water since it is a water jet method

3) Using a laser or ultrasound to break down and then suck the fat out.


In particular, Vaser 2, a lifting liposuction device that reduces concerns about skin elasticity deterioration, is drawing more attention in Korea recently


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What is Vaser 2?


Vaser 2 is a device approved by FDA and it liquifies fat by emitting ultrasound. It first breaks down the fat cells and then, sucks them out.


1) Since the fat separation can be easily done, it is minimally invasive and damage is also minimized.

2) Not only a small amount but also a large-capacity liposuction is possible.

3) More than 90% fat removal and 53% lifting effect can be expected at the same time.

4) When ultrasound is emitted, it does not only break fat cells, but also has the effect of contracting the skin. Therefore, lifting effect can be expected accordingly..


What makes Vaser 2 different from the basic liposuction devices?


Vaser 2 selectively removes only fat from adipose tissue, so there is little damage to other tissues, the treatment area is soft, and recovery is quick.


1) Multiple areas of liposuction can be performed at once.

2) Compared to other equipment, more fat can be removed, so the effect of large-capacity liposuction is expected.

3) Skin elasticity improvement and lifting effect can be obtained at the same time, so if you are not overweight, you can complete a slim body without additional resection when liposuction is processed on sagging fat or saggy abdomen.

4) Abdominoplasty (Hi-Def) that can create an abdominal line such as 11-shaped abs for women and six packs for men is also possible.

5) Fat cells melt down like ice into water, so it is also suitable for shaping smooth body line.

6) For those who have repeatedly liposuctioned, Vaser 2 is the most suitable device for the next operation. Vaser 2 treatment works very well for scars or fibrous tissue, so it can be seen as a specialized equipment for reoperation.



Treatable Area


In case of the face, it is possible to remove the double chin. Additionally liposuction can be performed on the back, abdomen, hips, sides, arms, and gynecomastia. Not only a large amount of fat can be removed, but it can also be used on the neck, arms, and face, which are at high risk because it can eradicate the fat delicatly. In particular, liposuction for the abdomen or forearm area will be the most idealistic because such area has severe skin elasticity loss and sagging,.


Precautions before Korea’s Vaser 2 liposuction procedure


It can be a good procedure because it melts the fat down, but there is a risk of burning if is overused. Also, it can become lumpy if you take too much fat out of one side or if you remove too much of a specific part, no matter how much fat is liquefied. Therefore, better results can be obtained if you decide to have surgery after thorough discussion with an experienced Korean doctor.


Precautions after Korea’s Vaser 2 liposuction procedure


1) You can be discharged from the hospital on the same day after surgery. However, a recovery time of about 12 hours is recommended.

2) It is suggested to avoid exercise or excessive activity for 2-3 weeks. High frequency treatment or LED care is helpful for quick recovery.

3) Patients think liposuction is the one and only solution, but if you maintain the same way of diet as before, you can return it to its original state, so proper lifestyle with diet and workout plan is essential.



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