Laser Facelift cost can go really low in Korea these days. Local clinic prices for Shurink, especially, have become increasingly affordable.

Laser Facelift Cost: Is it too good (and cheap) to be true?

Developed by Classys, a Korean company, Shurink has been gaining extreme popularity after its feature in 와썹맨 (Wassup Man), a YouTube channel run by g.o.d’s Joon Park. Usually costing around KRW 100,000 (~USD 90) per 100 shots, some clinics now offer the treatment at less than KRW 50,000 (~USD 45). While it may be tempting to bag yourself a bargain deal, you should watch out for the hidden terms and conditions involved. Read on for insider tips from Jivaka Care to avoid unnecessary risks.

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Check minimum quantity

In many cases, even though the Laser Facelift cost may be advertised as KRW 50,000, it may come tagged with a minimum quantity of 300 - 400 shots. Eventually, you end up paying more for unnecessary treatments, especially since it could be more effective to receive 100 - 200 shots frequently.

These terms and conditions may not be made explicit on the website. Make sure to call the clinic, text them on KakaoTalk, and document these conversations when enquiring about Laser Facelift cost.

Make sure doctor examines your face

Sometimes, doctors in clinics offering cheap Laser Facelift cost do not do a facial check before the procedure. In order to ensure quality treatment, doctors must examine your face thoroughly. Make sure you confirm this with the clinic before making your reservation

Check for authentic tips

While Laser Facelift cost is an important factor to consider, ensuring that doctors use authentic tips (pictured above) are important to have optimal results. Tips also determine the cost of your procedure. Often, clinics are tempted to recycle tips to offer lower prices. These tips are used mostly in Ulthera and Thermage. Shurink's tips are not subjected to regular replacement.

Laser facelift Ulthera showing updated vs outdated software version

For Ulthera, you should always check with clinic staff that the tip’s software version is set at 2.1.1700 before the procedure (see above).

If you are receiving a Thermage treatment, make sure to collect the tip after the treatment, so that it cannot be reused. Also, you can find out the serial number of the tip from the clinic and check for its authenticity on the Thermage website - Jivaka Care takes care of this step for our customers!

Confirm number of shots

Laser facelift number of shots shown on monitor

Make sure you receive the exact number of Laser Facelift shots for that you paid for. For Shurink (pictured above; see blue arrow), Ulthera, Thermage and Doublo, you can check this easily on the equipment’s monitor display.

Interested in receiving Laser Facelift treatment in Korea? Browse our Laser Facelift treatments or contact us here to see which which treatment is the best for you.

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