double eyelid surgery in Korea,↑defined ↓swelling

double eyelid surgery in Korea

Make your eyes shine like diamond

-Korea's representative double eyelid surgery: Induced, incision method

-Most popular double eyelid surgery in Korea: ‘Natural Adhesive Method


‘Natural Adhesive’ surgery method

Fine holes are made without deep incision -> Remove fat and soft tissue -> Tie a knot with a thin thread -> Induce natural adhesion between muscles and skin


Advantages of natural adhesion

*Natural adhesion method is a surgical method that utilizes only the advantages of the adhesive and incision method.

- Barely visible surgery mark even when the eyes are closed

- Less scars

- Strong line due to the double force action of thread and tissue adhesion

- Short operation time due to non-incisional operation

- Less swelling or bruising, faster recovery


Natural adhesive method is NOT suitable for

- Eyes with severe resistance to double eyelids

- Very saggy eyelids

- Weak eye opening

* In this case, you can go with addition of eye shape correction together.


Things to know for successful double eyelid surgery result

- Recognize your own eye shape

- Set standards in which direction you want to improve

- Consult an experienced doctor with excellent eye anatomy knowledge


Eye shape, eyelid thickness, skin condition, face shape, etc.

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