TAN & MAHK - What is it and how it works?

TAN and MAHK is a type of chemical peel which are well known for their benefits as they temporarily damage the skin surface which triggers the skin to heal the 'wound'. When it is healing it makes new smooth and firm skin . This is the basis for all chemical peels. However the benefits of the treatment depend on the ingredients used in making the peel and can quite often be way too harsh for sensitive skin. TAN and MAHK is a type of chemical peel that is specifically designed for sensitive skin by making the ingredients go through a process that makes it better suited for the skin. How does it do this?

What is TAN and MAHK?

TAN stands for True Alkali Natural stimulator. It is an alkaline peeling agent that uses ingredients which have been fermented and nanonised (made to be very small - nano in size) so that they can enter the skin better. This makes the treatment extremely effective as the ingredients don't just lay on the skin surface but are small enough to enter through the surface and reach the deeper levels.

MAHK means membrane in Korean (막) and this is exactly what it is. MAHK uses fats and proteins to make a fake skin layer that will lie above the treatment area. This layer will protect the skin underneath while it is regenerating after the peel. This is unique to this process so that the skin is not exposed to the environment. This layer will eventually help skin to be renewed.

The ingredients that are used in both the TAN and MAHK solutions are vitamins (E), citric acid, ascorbic acid, retinol, minerals, oriental herbal extracts and collagen which are needed for activating the process of skin regeneration. They are kept in a low temperature and low pressure environments and then are fermented. It also contains phospholipids which are a type of fat in the body that is used to supplement the skin with high-quality fats to prevent dehydration.

Who is it for?

The biggest plus point of this treatment is the use of natural ingredients which makes this treatment hypoallergenic. This means the treatment is highly unlikely to cause any allergic reactions which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin. Also if you experience skin redness, acne, large pores, dryness and pigmentation this treatment can be beneficial for you as the ingredients in it target these issues.

How it works?

The treatment begins with the doctor cleansing the skin so that dirt and other impurities are removed. This is essential for those with acne prone skin. After this the TAN solution is applied to the skin where there will be bubbles on the skin surface and a tingling sensation. This sensation will be quite similar to applying a bubble mask. After a few minutes it is removed from the skin surface after which the MAHK solution is applied. After this application the client is free to leave but is advised not to wash their face for at least 12 hours so the ingredients can set in to the skin. The total treatment time is under 30 minutes.

TAN & MAHK in Korea

This treatment is very popular in the seasons of fall to winter as people tend to have drier skin. Due to this the duration of effect for this treatment varies depending on the time of year. In dryer seasons it can be up to 4 weeks and in spring and summer it can be up to 6 weeks. This treatment is usually also paired with other treatments, because the treatment time is short and it has a cooling effect. So after laser treatments people often get this treatment done to support the skin's recovery.

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