V-Line in Korea : Which Non-Invasive Method is for You?

Korean beauty is growing phenomenally all around the world. It's the innovative makeup industry, the flawless K-pop idols, and the Korean standard of beauty that is adored and sought after. One such standard is the V-line, referring to the jaws-to-chin line resembling the alphabetical V shape. It makes you look sleek and slim, attributes that many modern men and women seek.

It is no wonder the Korean plastic surgery industry has developed orthognathic surgery (reconstructive jaw surgery) into the popular aesthetic "double jaw surgery" (or V-line surgery). Although dramatic changes can be achieved through V-line surgery, it is not for everyone.

So here are introductions and costs information of much simpler and non-invasive treatments that can help people attain the V-line in Korea.

1. Face Contouring Injections for V-Line in Korea

face contouring injection v-line korea

The face contouring injection, also called face sculpting injection, V-line injection, egg injection, depending on the clinic, is basically a fat-dissolving injection. Think of Kybella (also known as Belkyra), but in Korea, fat dissolving injections for the face has been around long before Kybella.

Clinics have their own cocktail solutions of various substances known for their fat-dissolving properties. The face contouring injection helps break down fat and release the broken down fat through our system. It's effective for reducing excess fat below the cheeks and double chin. It is administered through a simple injection so there is no scar.

Face Contouring Injections are Recommended for;

  • People with a double chin due to excess fat under the jaw.
  • People with a blunt jawline due to excess fat below the chin.

Things to Know about Face Contouring Injections in Korea;

  • It's not a procedure that reduces muscle size or the jaw bone structure (unlike V-line surgery).
  • It takes at least a week for the effects to begin to appear.
  • A single procedure can be effective but for maximum effect, it typically takes about 3 sessions in 1~2 week intervals.
  • Since clinics have their own recipes, a tip is to get a single shot at a clinic each time until you find the one that works well for you and then go for multiple shots at that clinic.

Face Contouring Injection Costs in Korea

USD 60~170 (the price varies depending on the recipe)

*2018 price*

2. Chin Enhancement Fillers for V-Line in Korea

chin filler v-line korea

Fillers are a patient's favorite when it comes to non-invasive treatments. There are various types of fillers, but the most popular is the Hyaluronic acid filler due to its safety factor as a substance that naturally exists in our bodies. It can also be used in many ways regarding filling areas in the face to give volume or cover wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can be an option for you too. But how can giving volume help produce a V-line? The answer is: by giving volume to the chin to create a more pronounced bottom tip of the V. Chin, enhancement fillers inject hyaluronic acid into the tip of the chin to create a smoother and more refined looking jaw line.

Chin Enhancement Fillers are Recommended for :

  • People who have a short chin that makes their jaw line look blunt.
  • People whose mouth appears to be protruding because they have a receding chin.

Things To Know about Chin Enhancement Fillers in Korea :

  • It's not a procedure that reduces muscle size, fat or changes the structures of the bone (unlike V-line surgery).
  • It can have more immediate effects from a single procedure, compared to other procedures.
  • The duration of effects depends on which brand of filler to use.
  • Do note that when choosing a filler brand, consult with the doctor because different filler brands have varying levels of viscosity that make them suitable for different uses. Chin enhancements typically use filler brands that are good for maintaining shape rather than the ones that spread evenly out across the injected area.

Chin Enhancement Filler Costs in Korea

  • On average, 1~2cc of filler is injected for chin enhancements.
  • Here are estimate prices for different brands per 1cc.
  1. Restylane, Juvederm, Teosyal - USD 350~

  2. Yvoire - USD 200~

  3. Neuramis, Elravie - USD 130~

*2018 price*

3. Jaw Reduction Botox for V-line in Korea

jaw botox v-line korea

Another important factor apart from fat and bone structure is muscle. When it comes to your jaw line, the muscles used for chewing significantly determine how it looks. Over-developed jaw muscles can cause what many call a "square jaw" which is a major obstacle to achieving that desired V-line. If this is the case for you, then Botox is a solution.

Botox (or Botulinum Toxin) works by paralyzing the muscle for a period, making it smaller over time. (You can read our cartoon which explains how Botox works in a very easy-to-understand way). Injecting Botulinum Toxin to the jaw muscle can, therefore, have a slimming effect of the jaw line, and this is called square jaw Botox or V-line Botox.

Jaw Reduction Botox is Recommended for :

  • People with over-developed jaw muscles that make it seem like they have a square jaw.
  • Especially for people with small faces but with square jaws, the effect can be more profound.

Things to Know about Jaw Reduction Botox in Korea :

  • It's not a procedure that reduces fat or changes jaw bone structures (unlike V-line surgery).
  • Do note that in rare cases, one may become resistant to Botox. Maintain intervals of around 3 months when getting multiple sessions to be safe.
  • A single shot may do the trick, but usually, for optimal results, people get botox 3 or more times (and note that jaw muscles, like other muscles in your body, can grow in size again after the effects of Botox wears off!).

Jaw Reduction Botox Costs in Korea

  • On average, 50 units of Botulinum Toxin is injected for a Jaw Reduction Botox.
  • Here are estimate prices for different brands per 50units.

Allergan Botox - USD 170~
Xeomin - USD 145~
Meditoxin - USD 48~
Botulex - USD 38~

*2018 price*

Thread Lifting for V-Line in Korea

thread lifting line korea

Another popular procedure is non-surgical lifting. One way of lifting is thread lifting - using threads inserted inside the skin to pull the skin and surrounding mass upwards.

Biodegradable PDO threads, which dissolves in the skin over time, are inserted into the subcutaneous layer and depending on the type of thread used, sutures or barbs keep the surrounding structures lifted. So a facial thread lift can lift sagging skin and help create a V-line.

V-line Thread Lifting is Recommended for :

  • People with sagging skin around the cheek and jaw line area that prevents the face from having a more defined line.
  • People who do not only want to lift drooping skin but also wrinkles on the neck and around the eyes.

Things to Know about V-line Thread Lifts in Korea :

  • More than other treatments in this article, the effects can be seen immediately but do note that the thread dissolves over time.
  • Thread lifting is also known to help collagen regeneration in the skin surrounding the thread.
  • There are three types of PDO threads commonly used: mono, screw, and cog. Consult with the doctor which thread would be most suitable for your specific case.
  • The number of threads used in a procedure depends on the type of thread used but also the area it is being used in.

V-Line Thread Lifting Costs in Korea

  • The price depends on the type and number of threads used, but here are estimate costs.
  1. Super V mono 10 thread - USD 90~
  2. Blue Dia Cog 4 thread - USD 300~

*2018 price*

HIFU Face Lifting for V-Line in Korea (Ultherapy, Shurink)

hifu lifting line korea

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) face lifting, or commonly just referred to as laser lifting (although technically it's not laser) is another non-invasive face lift type. It uses energy focused and targeted at specific points under the skin to stimulate with heat and causing collagen generation.

Since it uses targeted heat energy that can reach calculated depths under the skin, it can melt fat layers under skin as well as evening the skin structures and increasing skin elasticity through collagen regeneration. Using a 4.5mm tip in the chin area can reduce fat, while in the jaw line area where there is relatively low fat, a 3.0mm tip can be used to smooth out your facial line.

HIFU Face Lifting is Recommended for :

  • People with an undefined jaw line due to fat in the jaw region.
  • People with sagging chin and neck skin due to aging.

Things to Know about HIFU Face Lifting in Korea :

  • HIFU face lifting is a good way to increase skin elasticity without incisions or injections (except if you get an anesthetic injection pre-procedure).
  • Effects will gradually begin to appear about a month after the procedure.
  • Effects last from around 6~12 months
  • HIFU is commonly known as Ultherapy which is the name of the machine used. Shurink is a Korean HIFU equipment. Also note that Thermage is not HIFU, it is radiofrequency and the technology and effects are slightly different. (Read this blog for further information on Ultherapy VS Thermage)
  • Korean doctors usually assess that effects of Shurink are more immediate, but the effects of Ulthera last longer and produce better results in the long term.
  • Do note that compared to other methods, you may see less significant changes but the changes will be more natural. Collagen regeneration (the main effect of HIFU) will help your skin become tighter and younger.

HIFU Face Lifting Costs in Korea :

  1. Ultheraphy (300 shot) - USD 950~

  2. Shurink (300 shot) - USD 300~

*2018 price*

You can read about Thermage costs here.

So Which V-line Treatment is Right for You?

These non-invasive treatments, unlike V-line surgery, do not chip away at your bone structures or surgically remove fat. Definite and profound changes can be achieved through V-line surgery, but non-invasive procedures have become popular because of their more natural effects and much lower investment needed (cost and time).

So, it is important to remember that they will not completely change the way you look but small changes to your specific needs can have a significant impact on your quest for a V-line. Over-developed muscles can be reduced using Botox, areas excess fat can be slimmed with face contouring injections or HIFU, and small undefined chins can be enhanced using fillers.

Unless you feel you need to change your whole jaw bone structure, assess your specific needs and make a plan. But more importantly, find a good doctor and clinic and make a concerted effort to consult with your doctor thoroughly about which methods will be best for you.

Interested in achieving V-line through non-invasive treatments in Korea? Browse/search our treatments or contact us here to see which treatment is the best for you.

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