Zeronate - no-prep veneers

Charm is “the power to captivate people’s hearts”. Kindness, sense of humor, a confident attitude, and a bright smile - all of those characterize attractive people. A smile, in particular, is one of the most appealing aspects that give a good feeling to othres.

The basis of a bright smile is 'teeth'. A smile that many people find attractive and beautiful is when the corners of the mouth are raised, the visible teeth are straight and equally proportioned, their color is bright and clear, and they evenly fill the mouth.

You can often see people with yellowish, false, or protruding teeth not smiling widely or covering their mouths with hands. Some of them seek teeth whitening or orthodontic treatment in order to attain a more beautiful smile. However, the process takes a long time to complete, and not everyone is satisfied with the final results.

To address this problem, a number of well-known dentists in Seoul have recently begun creating dental shells based on the desired appearance of the smile rather than just correcting teeth's shape. The new tooth shell technology is called 'Zeronate'. Let's take a look at how it differs from veneers, what zero teeth shaving is, and how the 'Zeronate' procedure flows.




A tooth is made up of three layers: Enamel (outer covering), Dentin (calcified tissue), and Pulp (contains blood vessels and nerves). Veneers require enamel shaving before they get attached to the teeth. The process looks similar to the gel nail procedure. In Korea, veneers are also called Laminate, Minish, Cera film, etc. However, the correct name is laminate veneer. Although the amount of enamel shaved off varies depending on the patient's teeth condition, on average, 0.5 - 1.2mm should be removed to prepare teeth for veneers.

Attaching veneers gets complicated in cases of severe tooth decay, or when the tooth is displaced. Then, a glass or all-ceramic crown that covers the entire tooth can be used. Also, if a big amount of enamel must be shaved, nerve treatment may be necessary. Yet, the veneer procedure is still possible in those cases.

However, if the teeth’ surface was shaved excessively, tooth chills may occur. As a result, even those with various dental complications are hesitant to get veneer treatment because teeth cannot regenerate once they have been shaved.


'No-prep veneers' vs 'Zeronate'


'No-prep Zeronate’ is a new kind of veneers that focuses on tooth preservation. The amount of enamel surface to be shaved has been reduced to only 0.1 - 0.2mm.

'Zeronate' is a handmade system tailored individually and produced by Swiss ceramic manufacturing technology. It is a tooth preservation method that involves 0% tooth shaving and makes the treatment comfortable with no anesthesia or pain.

It represents aesthetically natural teeth and increase their strength by using dental ceramic which is thinner than usual no-prep veneers and is only 0.01mm thick. Just like a thin tile sticks to a wall and does not break, Zeronate grows stronger by bonding with the tooth surface. As a result, it provides teeth function along with aesthetic beauty.


'Zeronate' is recommended in the following cases:


  • crooked teeth
  • congenitally dark teeth
  • congenitally peg teeth
  • missing teeth
  • a space between the front teeth
  • worn out front teeth
  • corroded front teeth
  • broken front teeth
  • white spots on the teeth
  • when reluctant to the teeth shaving
  • when not satisfied with the shape and color of the teeth after orthodontic treatment


'Zeronate' production


The buildup of feldspathic porcelain is 100% manual because it allows the creation process of materials less than 0.01 mm thick.


'Zeronate' treatment flow


At the first visit, the patient and the dental specialist discuss the design and color of the teeth, then model the ideal tooth shapes through precise diagnosis and Smile Preview process.

At the second visit, ceramic shells with a thickness of 0.01mm will be attached to the enamel surface. The procedure will be completed with an occlusion examination and oral checkup.


Photos of real 'Zeronate' cases

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