[MUST GO] Catch up on the scene of Netflix’s sensation ‘Squid Game’ on your Seoul trip

The phenomenon of the Netflix drama <Squid Game> that went viral not long ago tells the story of those who risk their lives to become the final winner of the death game with 45.6 billion won in prize money. It is also eye-catching that the daily life of Seoul and Korea is buried in the eerie and bizarre story. Do you want to enjoy the real ‘Squid Game’ trip in Seoul Korea like playing claw machine, slap-match (ttakji), eating cup noodles and more? Let’s find out the filming location of Squid Game together!

Korean slap-match (Ttakji) scene location?

<Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station, Shinbundang Line, Gangnam-bound Platform>

This is the place where Seong Gi-hun, the main character of <Squid Game>, played a paper slap-match (korean traditional game) with a salesperson (cameo appearance by Gong Yoo) after missing a train to Gangnam. The Shinbundang Line runs between Gangnam and Gwanggyo and is always crowded with people commuting to and from work. Nearby is Yangjae Citizen's Forest, which boasts a dense and beautiful scenery in the city center. It is a place where lovers, friends, and family often visit as a walking spot as they enjoy the characteristic beauty of nature every season.


Where did Gi-hun play the claw machine to get her daughter’s birthday present?

<Pokopang Changdong Branch (59 Deokneung-ro 60-ga-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul)>

This is the place where Gi-hun played the claw machine game with a toddler to get a present for his daughter’s birthday. If you are traveling to Korea, you can easily find a claw machine shop on the street, and it has already become a culture where anyone can easily and joyfully access it anywhere. Meanwhile, on the Uicheon Stream located nearby this area where you can find people enjoying a walk along the river in the morning and evening.


Where in <Squid Game> does the bromance of Sang-woo and Ali start?

<Seven Eleven Yeoui Branch (43 Yeouiseo-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul – Hanseo River Park)>

This is the place where Sang-woo and Ali ate cup noodles together when they were thrown away from the van. At convenience stores in Korea, you can easily find simple meals such as instant cup noodles (ramyeon) and triangular gimbap. Other foods worth trying at convenience stores when traveling to Korea include lunch boxes (dosirak), boiled eggs, sandwiches, banana milk, hot bars & skewers and a variety of snacks that are only available in Korea.


Where did Gi-hun and Il-Nam drink Soju?

<CU Ssangmun UIcheon Branch (11 Uicheon-ro 39-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul)>

This is the place where “Gganbu”, Kihoon, and Ilnam of <Squid Game> met by chance in Ssangmun-dong and drank soju. A place that anyone can easily find when they want to talk to their friends after a walk or enjoy the atmosphere of summer and autumn nights. It is the charm of outdoor parasols at convenience stores and can also be said as one of the cultures that you can spot at any convenience stores in Korea.


A pub run by Gi-hun’s friend

<Healing Hof (Daeheung-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)>

This is the pub that Gi-hun visited to borrow money from his friend for his sick mother’s surgery expenses. Gi-hun was in fact asked to leave the place by his friend’s wife after knowing his intention. Hof pub is the place where Korea’s daily night life is best reflected. From chicken to spicy sea snail salad and dried pollack, it is full of small but delicious snacks to pair with your favorite beer or soju that you can't put your hands off.

In addition to that, △ ‘Seongapdo Island’, the island where the <Squid Game> were held △ ‘Namsan Tower’, where Gi-hun and Sae-Byeok were abandoned △ Wolmi Island, the place where Deoksoo met the members of the organization △ Dae-ho Tide Embankment, Dobi-do Island, the dock that enters the Squid Game island. Thanks to the Netflix’s series Squid Game phenomenon, the beauty of traveling to every corner of Korea has become stronger. Hopefully soon not just domestic but more overseas travelers can visit Korea and explore the beauty as well!