Wellness Travel in Korea

As life expectancy rises, people are giving more attention on how to live a healthy life through wellness tourism which has recently gained interest as people wish to restore their physical and mental health. In particular, as interest in health also increases due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more tourists are seeking treatment and wellbeing related travel, and not just leisure tours. Do you have any plans to travel to Korea post-pandemic? Do you dream of a trip to Korea that heals your body as well as your mind? If so, let's check the essential tips below to experience the health and wellness of Korea.

1.2021 recommended wellness tourist destination by Korea Tourism Organization

The Korea Tourism Organization’s ‘2021 Recommended Wellness Tourist Destinations’ selected Korea’s wellness tourist destinations by dividing it into four themes: △Nature/Forest Healing △Healing/Meditation △Oriental Medicine △Beauty and Spa. These attractions are places where you can experience Korean well-being according to each theme.

<Tourist spot for natural and forest healing experiences with low tourist density>

<Healing and meditation themed tourist destination that strengthens the immune system>

<Oriental medicine-themed attraction that inevitably attracts foreign tourists' attention>

<Healing time with beauty and spa themed destination>

2. ‘Mountain climbing’ free Korean wellness experience

In Korea, about 70% of the land is made up of mountainous areas. The famous mountains include Seoraksan Mountain, Jirisan Mountain, and Hallasan Mountain. You can also go to Bukhansan Mountain, Dobongsan Mountain, Gwanaksan Mountain, and Inwangsan Mountain in Seoul. In particular, the mountains located in Seoul are easily reached by using public transportation, and they have a moderate height and a beautiful mountain view, attracting many people from home and abroad.

3. Receiving treatment at a Korean hospital

Hospitals in Korea are customer-friendly and medical costs are reasonable too. It has excellent medicine and safe facilities, so you can feel more secure. In the case of high-level surgery such as organ transplantation and cancer, the treatment survival rate of Korean medical staff is far higher than that of other countries.

According to statistics, the survival rate of patients after one year of liver and pancreatic organ transplantation performed by domestic medical staff is over 95%. The 5-year survival rate after treatment for all types of cancer is also 70% or higher in Korea, than in the United States (69.2%), Canada (60%), and Japan (62.1%), which are advanced medical countries.

Thanks to the strong reputation of K-beauty. You can receive high-quality treatment at an affordable price from plastic surgery as well as non-surgical treatments such as skin care, dentistry, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, and hair loss centers.