Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic Training Program Completion Ceremony

On June 14th, the 2023 Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic Training Program completion ceremony was held at InterContinental COEX Hotel, located in Samseong-dong Seoul.

The training program was organized by Belleair Inc., which operates ‘JIVAKA BEAUTY,’ a service that connects overseas patients with Korean doctors.

The medical staff, founders, and team members of Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic visited the following three Korean dermatology and plastic surgery clinics: Thank You Plastic Surgery, Banobagi Dermatology, and Bioface Clinic, for a three-day training program from June 12 to June 14, 2023, to observe and practice medical and operational systems.

To celebrate the successful completion of the Indonesian medical staff's dermatology training program in Korea, and to acknowledge the hard work of everyone involved in the program, a completion ceremony was held! We will introduce what it was like.


After three days of hard work, the Somethinc team arrived at the completion ceremony with excitement!



Start of the ceremony

The event MC is notifying the start of the ceremony.



Video screening

We were able to view Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic’s training program through a short video. The video showed the eagerness of Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic’s doctors and the passion of the Korean doctors teaching during the course.



Guest Introduction

Next, the following guests were introduced. Dr. Hyungsuk Kim from Thank You Plastic Surgery, Somethinc’s Founder Irene Ursula, Dr. Jaeyong Barn from Banobagi Dermatology, Dr. Heedae Jeon from Banobagi Dermatology, Executive Director Geurin Lee of Banobagi Cosmetic, Operations Manager Sarra of Banobagi Dermatology (Fujairah Branch), CEO Jihong Lee from Picky Corp., Dr. Jooyoung Park from Bioface Clinic, CBO Lim Hyungeun of Gangnam Unni, Dr. Ara Kim from Thank You Plastic Surgery, Dr. Soongoh Hwang from Thank You Plastic Surgery, etc. There were a lot of people in attendance.



Congratulatory remarks

Next, the respective representatives of Belleair Inc., which operates JIVAKA BEAUTY, and Somethinc celebrated the occasion with congratulatory remarks.



Certification presentation

Next are the main guests! Dr. Maria Mayfinna Gozali and Dr. Clairine Agatha Setyadji from Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic received certificates of completion from each clinic.



Plaque presentation

Next, Belleair Inc presented a plaque to Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic.
(In order: Banobagi Dermatology, Bioface Clinic, Thank You Plastic Surgery) 



Certificate of appreciation presentation

Next, Belleair Inc and Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic presented certificates of appreciation to the 3 participating clinics (Banobagi Dermatology, Bioface Clinic, Thank You Plastic Surgery) to show their appreciation.



Commemorative photo time

Commemorative photos were taken with the Korean and Indonesian doctors.

We can see the happiness in everyone’s smile.



The ceremony was sucessfully completed and next was dinner time! The guests enjoyed their supper while socializing with each other.

Socialization time

After dessert and supper, it was time to socialize! Each guest greeted one another, as well as gave encouragement to those who had worked hard for this training program.



Group photo time

A commemorative group photo was taken with the hardworking Somethinc Team and the doctors+staff from each clinic.



After the ceremony

To show our gratitude to everyone who attended the 2023 Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic Training Program Completion Ceremony, JIVAKA BEAUTY prepared a gift for each of the participants. Everyone left with a smile and with delight.

Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic is scheduled to open in Jakarta, Indonesia in July, and we ask for everyone’s support in bringing sustainable beauty to more patients with the technology of K-BEAUTY.

We hope for the best for JIVAKA BEAUTY, Somethinc Aesthetic Clinic, Banobagi Dermatology, Thank You Plastic Surgery, and Bioface Clinic.



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