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in Apgujeong, Seoul

"We aim to let the teeth last a longer period of time."

Treating the teeth by taking into account their condition in 10 years requires a high level of concentration. We will ensure that the tooth will last longer through the use of a microscope closest to the industry's highest magnification and carrying out treatment while examining the tooth base through Q-ray.


Register → Filling out medical forms → X-ray imaging
→ Start of treatment → Dental imaging → Treatment
→ Consultation after treatment


1. Thorough Communication

We engage in thorough communication with our patients about their current condition. Efforts to preserve teeth are not a one-way street but rather a two-way street, which means they can be achieved through collaboration with the patient. Based on the current state of the patient's dental hygiene, such as habits of handling teeth, cleaning teeth, and sleeping, we develop treatment plans together.

2. 1:1 Consultation and Treatment

We conduct a detailed analysis of the patient's entire teeth using special imaging equipment during the initial consultation. We provide visual and objective results of the current condition of the teeth, as well as possibilities of how the teeth may undergo changes in the future. Through 1:1 consultations and treatments, we have increased the focus on dental treatment to provide high-quality results.

3. Best Equipment Facilities

By using an 8x loupe microscope, patient satisfaction and the final completion of the treatment have improved. Although it takes a little more time, we can perform precise treatment due to perfect humidity blocking, resulting in high-quality treatment results. By reviewing before and after treatment results on the screen with our patients, we increase the satisfaction of the treatment and their teeth.


Dr. Kim Jun Yub | Dentist

  • Korean Dental License, Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Prosthodontist, Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Distinguished prosthodontist, the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics

  • Member, the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics (KAP)
  • Member, the Korean Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (KAED)
  • Member, the Korean Academy of Stomatognathic Function and Occlusion
  • Member, the Korean Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Member, the Korean International Dental Association (KIDA)
  • Member, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

  • Speaker, the Korean International Dental Association (2022)
  • Speaker, the Seoul Dental Technologist Association (2022)
  • Speaker, Hiossen Faculty Seminar (2021)
  • Speaker, Chonnam National University School of Dentistry (2021)
  • Awarded the Grand Prize at Digital Dentistry Contest (2021)
  • Awarded the Best Dentist, Soo United Dental Clinic (2019)

  • Rehabilitation in a patient with limited restorable space using double scanning technique: A case report (2017)
  • Fabrication of complete dentures using treatment dentures for a patient with erratic mandibular movements: A case report (2015)

Our facilities


5th Floor, Global Medical Building, 846 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

서울특별시 강남구 언주로 846 글로벌메디컬빌딩 5층

* 10-minute walk from Exit 3 of Apgujeong Station.
* The parking lot is located behind the building.

* 압구정역 3번출구 도보 10분
* 건물 뒤 주차장이 구비되어 있습니다.

Hours of Operation

MON | 14:00 ~ 21:00 (Rest-period : 17:00 ~ 18:00)

TUE - FRI | 10:00 ~ 19:00 (Lunch time : 13:00 ~ 14:00)

SAT | 10:00 ~ 14:00

SUN | Closed

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