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Signature Therapy


Signature Therapy


Special healing for the exhausted body

'Signature Therapy' is a program providing a gentle and rhythmical massage of the whole body to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle fatigue and pain.

Pick a course that targets your individual health condition, such as chronic tiredness, swelling, muscular pain, or inflammation.

Recommended menu

Anti-stress Course

Anti-stress|Chronic fatigue recovery

162,000 won  | 80 minutes

189,000 won  |  100 minutes

Stimulation of stiff neck and shoulder muscles results in overall relaxation, mental and physical stability, and recovery from chronic fatigue.

Therapy flow

Whole-body relaxation

+ Whole-body aromatherapy or Massage

+ Stone therapy

+ Whole-body stretching

+ Scalp care

Pain Management

198,000 won  | 90 minutes

319,000 won | 120 minutes

An 'intensive pain-relief program' that finds muscle trigger points and treats them using various techniques including correction, massage, and acupoint stimulation.

Therapy flow

Personalized one-on-one therapy based on the customer's physical condition.

Lymph Circulation Management

189,000 won  | 80 minutes

218,000 won  | 100 minutes

This therapy aims to maintain a healthy and beautiful body shape by increasing blood circulation through lymphatic drainage massage and discharging stagnant waste products from the body.

Therapy flow

Whole-body relaxation

+ Lymphatic drainage massage

+ Whole-body stretching

+ Scalp care

Additional body care

  • 30 minutes of Foot or Dry massage(select one) 53,000 won
  • 30 minutes of Aroma, Stone, or Bamboo therapy(select one) 66,000 won
  • 40 minutes of Mini Facial care 66,000 won

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Q.   Can I undergo therapy during my menstrual period?

A.   Abdominal massage is effective for relieving menstrual pain, and it is recommended to warm the lower abdomen.

Q.   Can pregnant women undergo therapy?

A.   It is helpful for childbirth and during postpartum care, except in the early stages of pregnancy (1-3 months) or late pregnancy (8-10 months), but be sure to consult with a specialist before using the therapy.

Q.   What is the difference between dry and oil massage?

A.   The difference is in the acupressure method. Dry massage involves the method of vertical pressure, whereas oil massage uses the technique of delivering pressure after the oil has been applied. The pressure intensity can be adjusted in both methods.

Special notes when reserving a therapy:

1. The deposit amount is 20% of the selected therapy price.

2. Refund policy:

  • A full refund is provided if canceled 7 days prior to the reservation date
  • 50% refund is available if canceled 3 days prior to the reservation date
  • No refund is available if canceled 2 days before or on the day of the reservation
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