SPA Heum

location : Gangnam


Q. I want to make a reservation

A. Please contact our C/S coordinator. The spa operates on a 100% reservation system, and a deposit is needed.
(*Please view the deposit tab for more details regarding the deposit)

Q. How do I know if my reservation is finalized?

A. After you pay or transfer the deposit, please send us a screenshot or picture. We will send a follow-up message to confirm if your appointment has been finalized. If you do not send a screenshot or confirmation of the deposit payment, it will be difficult to finalize the appointment.
(*Please view the deposit tab for more details regarding the deposit)

Q. Can I get the spa course if I’m menstruating?

A. Yes, please use a tampon during the spa course.

Q. Can I Decide the Spa Course at the Spa?

A. Yes, you can decide after you arrive at the spa. However, please arrive early if you need time to decide so that the appointment can start on time.

Q. How many months in advance can I book an appointment?

A. Reservations are open 1 month in advance. If you plan on visiting 2~3 months later, please contact us 1 month before your visit.

Q. Can I get the scrub session even if my skin is sensitive?

A. Yes, it’s possible. You can choose to strength of the scrub session at the spa. Please let the staff at the spa know if you have sensitive skin.

Q. What does the spa course include?

A. The spa course includes a private bath and shower, body scrub session, and a light massage. As the body scrub is the spa’s main specialty, the massage session will be simple.

Q. How much is the deposit?

A. The deposit is 50,000KRW per person.

Q. Will the deposit go towards the spa fee?

A. Yes, the deposit will be included in the total spa course fee. After a deposit is placed in advance, the remaining amount will be paid when you visit the spa.

Q. Can I pay the deposit through card payment?

A. If you are able to visit the spa in person before your desired appointment date (at least 1 day in advance), it may be possible but they will have limited spots.
*Account transfers are highly recommended. If you want an appointment on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), you will have to pay the deposit through an account transfer in advance.

Q. My bank cannot process the deposit before the appointment date

A. The spa must receive the deposit before your appointment date. You can use a banking app to transfer the deposit more quickly. Usually, banking apps can process overseas transactions faster. We recommend sending the deposit at least 3 days~2 weeks in advance to avoid any delays.

Q. Can I send the deposit in my country’s currency?

A. Please send the deposit in Korean Won (KRW). If you pay using another currency, the bank may charge a currency exchange fee, which the spa will not be responsible for.

✅ Reservation cancellation

• Cancellations at least one day prior to the reserved date: 100% refund

• Cancellation on the day of the reservation: reservation change or refund are unavailable!

✅ Late arrival

• If you are at least 15 minutes late, your appointment can get automatically get cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded

✅ Reservation Rescheduling

• Rescheduling is possible at least 3 hours before the reservation time

(*Morning reservations cannot be changed or canceled on the day of, and are non-refundable)

This shop is for women only.
Men are not allowed to enter or use the spa center.

Please check thoroughly

Please proceed with booking an appointment with the C/S coordinator.