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₩429,000 ₩660,000



#Lips Filler
#Mouth Corner Filler
#Mouth Corner Botox

Do You Want To Get Beautiful, Outstanding Lips?

Complete your eye-catching smile with the Lips all-in-one package.

Special Offer Price


660,000 won

429,000 won

Basic Treatment Contents:

Korean Filler 2-3cc
+ Botox For Mouth Corner
+ Filler For Mouth Corner


Change to imported filler:
Belotero 1cc

198,000 won

Change to imported filler:
Juvederm 1cc

275,000 won

Wrinkle Botox
Add 1 Area

66,000 won

Treatment Introduction

Lips Filler

This treatment enhances thin and weak lips by injecting a filler with hyaluronic acid, a substance easily absorbed by the body, which helps to balance and add volume to the lips, giving them a fuller and more vibrant appearance.

Mouth Corner Filler

The principle involves injecting fillers into both ends of the lips to lift drooping corners and correct the mouth's shape. Patient satisfaction tends to be higher when treated with lip fillers.

Mouth Corner Botox

Botox combats sagging mouth corners by weakening related muscles. In severe cases, it's beneficial to use it with fillers. Even with minor sagging, Botox prolongs filler effectiveness.

Treatment Time

Approximately 10 – 30 ,omites, Depends on the treatment area

Duration of Effect

Korean (Approximately 4 – 6 Months), Imported (Approximately 1 – 2 Years)

Swelling/Bruise Duration

Highly depends on individual condition and it usually lasts for approximately 3 - 5 days

Degree of Pain (1-10)


Recommend to these people!

✅ Those with thin lips or asymmetric volume.
✅ Those who want to change their negative impression due to their droopy corners of lips.
✅ Those who want to see results in a short time with a non-surgical method.

Cautions After Treatment

  • Do not touch the treated area.
  • For about 2 weeks, avoid hot and humid places such as saunas and steam rooms.
  • Do not sweat as much as possible at the beginning of the procedure.
  • Avoid stimulation such as massage or meridians treatment.
  • No smoking, no alcohol for 1 week.
  • On the first day after the procedure, avoid washing your face and makeup as much as possible.


Lips also sag or shrink with aging. As the lip tissue shrinks, the lip volume decreases, becomes thinner, and protrudes less. Also, outlines such as lip boundaries are blurred or flattened. Just adding a little volume can bring out a dramatic change.

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