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Anti-Aging Checkup


Anti-Aging Checkup

“Measure your biological age by evaluating your mineral balance,
metabolic system and immunity related to aging process.”

Chaum’s medical specialists will address potential threats to your health and check your aging progress to provide you with a customized health care program to keep you looking and feeling youthful.


• Preliminary consultation, Result consultation

Basic Exam

• Physical Measurement and Obesity Index, blood pressure, Complete Blood Cell Count, lipid tests, liver function test, chemistry, diabetes test, urine test, EKG, Chest X-ray.

Hormone Exam

• Evaluation of imbalance for homocysteine, growth hormones, sex hormones, adrenal hormones, pancreatic hormones and thyroid hormone tests.

NK(Natural Killer)
Activity Test

NK cells are “natural killer” cells that respond to and destroy virus-infected cells and tumor cells.

HRV Exam

• Evaluation of functional regulation of the autonomic nervous system by measuring heart rate variability.

Antioxidant State &
Oxidative Stress Exam

• Evaluation of anti-oxidant capacity and oxidative stress.

Hair Tissue Mineral Assay

• Evaluation of accumulated heavy metals in the body and nutrient mineral imbalances by hair tissue analysis.

Urine Organic acid Assay

• Evaluation of the human body energy metabolism, detoxification function and proliferation of pathogens (bacteria, fungi)

TELOMERE gene test

• Evaluation of the health and aging of cells through the measurement of Telomere gene length which is an index for the health and aging

Body and Musculoskeletal Function Tests

• Diagnostic tests that posture and body imbalance through the X-ray


• Assessment of Biological age.

Key Points to the Chaum’s Premium Health Checkup

Exclusive private rooms (HIVE)

1:1 consultation with an expert in the related field

Personalized results and nutrition counseling

Radiation Exposure Management System

Organized tracking and referral management system

Facility Directory


2F, Chaum, 442, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

서울 강남구 도산대로 442 피엔폴루스 빌딩, 차움의원

Hours of Operation

MON - FRI | 08:30 AM ~ 17:30 PM

SAT | 08:30 AM ~ 12:30 PM

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