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Facial recovery lifting 90 minutes



Facial recovery lifting
90 minutes

250,000 KRW

Lifting care combined with HN Spa’s signature facial technique and HIFU device management

HN Spa’s signature technique corrects the position of the delicate muscles of the face that has less elasticity and uses HIFU (ultrasound) to apply thermal ultrasound to the facial muscle layer to help with △face lifting △elasticity improvement. Experience anti-aging beauty, such as △volume △elastic skin △and beautiful contours.

Program sequence

1. Cleansing

Face cleansing and deep cleansing helps to remove impurities and dead skin cells thoroughly from the skin without irritation.

2. Ion Ampoule Care

By using an Ion ampoule, an ampoule that is suitable for each individual’s skin will be used and administered deep into the skin to fill it with moisture and nutrients.

3. Rose Spa Modeling

HN Spa's unique modeling mask contains the highest grade Bulgarian rose that helps maintain moisture for a long time and helps improve elasticity.

4. Youthful Smile Technique

Based on clinical data accumulated over many years, HN Spa’s proprietary Youthful Smile Technique loosens stiff muscles on the face and instantly corrects them to the right position and fills up the face with volume.


Thermal ultrasound shot with HIFU, the latest aesthetic equipment, targets the muscle layer of the skin to create an excellent face-lifting effect as well as a slim face line.

Our facilities


8th floor, Koreana Hotel, 135, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 중구 세종대로 135, 8층 (코리아나호텔)

Hours of Operation

MON - FRI | 10:00 AM ~ 09:00 PM

SUN | 10:00 AM ~ 06:00 PM

SAT & Holidays | Closed

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