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Forehead Reduction


General Information About <Forehead Reduction Surgery>

*The exact price for this surgery can only be decided after face to face consultation.

Perfect forehead ratio that suits you <Forehead Reduction Surgery>

It is a surgery that makes a delicate incision along the hairline, pulls the scalp to fix it, and reduces the length of the forehead.

Your face, which previously looked wide and long due to a large forehead, can look smaller. The hair roots are left along the incision, meaning hair will grow naturally over the scar over time to cover the mark.

Key Points

Surgery duration

1 hour or less


Not necessary


General Anesthesia

Surgical Method

1.A customised incision is made along the hairline from each end of the forehead.
2.Suture without using screws after moving the scalp to the bottom
3.Suture is removed after one week

Top Benefits

1. Revolutionary forehead reduction effect

Correcting the side of the forehead not only reduces the front of the forehead but also the side, making the face look smaller.

2. Less damage to hair roots

The oblique incisions mean that there is less damage to the hair roots even after surgery.

3. Minimal chance of scarring

There are no traces of surgery due to the micro-suture process that uses a special type of thread.

4. Offers a semi-permanent effect

The hard periosteum or bone fixation method are used to provide an excellent effect.

This surgery is recommended...

-If you have a long forehead.
-If you have a wide forehead.
-If your hairline is in a U-shape or M-shape.

Jivaka's Tip

Unlike a hair transplant that takes a long time to grow hair back, forehead reduction surgery can give you satisfactory results in a short period. Bring back youth and hairline by having the right forehead ratio for you.

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