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Fresh Plastic Surgery

Fresh Plastic Surgery - Consultation Appointment



Specialized Field of Treatment


"Intensive research on specialized surgery in the field of cosmetic liposuction and stem cell"


  • Face liposuction: Diamond-line facial fat grafting / Double chin liposuction / Accujet V contouring (facial liposuction)
  • Body shaping: Vaser Lipo 2.0 liposuction / Quad liposuction / Mini liposuction / Calf reduction / Hip-up fat grafting



Diamond-Line Face Fat Grafting


It is an operation that makes the outline of a specific area tight and voluminous by pulling out your own fat that can be easily extracted from our body and does not react with foreign substances. Fresh Plastic Surgery creates a three-dimensional face that naturally extends from the forehead line to the cheekbones to the chin line based on a lot of experience in surgery. The high concentration of growth factors from autologous blood is separated from active factors, mixed with high concentration of pure fat, and transplanted to increase the engraftment rate of adipocytes.

Surgery information


  • Operation time: Approx. 30 Mins - 1 Hr
  • Hospitalization: Unnecessary
  • Anesthesia: Sedation
  • Inpatient treatment: 1-2 times
  • Recovery Period Until Daily Lifte: After 1 Week

Core Technology


“MESH technique multi-step injection”

The area of fat to be harvested also varies depending on which layer of skin is transplanted. Fresh Plastic Surgery's MESH technique uses a small multi-hole cannula to collect fat cells of a certain size.

In particular, microfat transplantation is performed on muscle worms deeper than the fat layer, so the engraftment rate and durability are high. Fat extracted from various areas with an ultra-fine cannula is injected into each fat layer and muscle layer through the harvest jet. A multi-step 3D injection method minimizes the gap between fat cells and pursues a higher engraftment rate and longer duration.

Surgical Progress


  1. Counseling and surgery plan: Detailed 1:1 consultation
  2. Design: Design the part to be harvested and the part to be transplanted.
  3. Liposuction: Fat is collected from areas with a lot of fat, such as the abdomen and thighs, through a liposuction cannula.
  4. Centrifugation: To obtain a high concentration of fat cells, a centrifuge is used to separate water and fat.
  5. Fat grafting: The high engraftment rate and smooth line are completed by evenly transplanting from the subcutaneous muscle layer to the fat layer and the dermis layer.
  6. Aftercare: Use Healite to regenerate and soothe the skin and help bruises and swelling recover quickly.

Treatments To Go With


  • PRP: Induces better engraftment rate with abundant growth factors
  • Harvest Jet 2: Fresh's unique fat extraction technology
  • Stem cells: induce extension of maintenance period


What is double chin removal?


It is a procedure that removes the double chin that causes the face to appear bigger by sucking the fat under the chin without cutting bones. Complete a small and slender face with non-incision facial contouring that can safely and reliably produce a V-line lifting effect.

Why Fresh Plastic Surgery's Double Chin Removal is Special?


  1. Treatment available after consultation on the same day
  2. Short operation time (30 minutes to 1 hour)
  3. Less risks of scarring (3mm incision under the chin)
  4. Sedation anesthesia takes place
  5. Daily life possible immediately after surgery without recovery period

Accujet V Contouring Service Ticket


Accujet V Contouring is a special surgical method unique to Fresh that safely creates a V-line without bone surgery with waterjet liposuction + Accu Sculpt.

After separating fat from tissue by water jet method, facial fat is removed, and facial wrinkles are removed along with microfat removal with Accu Sculpt of 1444nm ND-YAG.

Collagen tightening effect is added to create a resilient face line to create a semi-permanent V-line.

Special Points of Fresh Plastic Surgery's Double Chin Removal


1) Differentiated amount of liposuction
: Possible to inhale various parts such as double chin, cheekbones, deep cheeks, deep cheeks, etc.
: 80~200cc large amount of liposuction possible
: Clear effect from the front as well as the side

2) SAL handmade technique
: Delicate and detailed facial area where a lot of nerve tissue passes
: Suction subcutaneous fat with negative pressure to complete smooth face line

3) Sophisticated design
: The operation is performed taking into account the amount of suction for each part of the face, the connection of the line, and the characteristics of the skin tissue.
: Proceed with high-quality surgery considering the overall impression and face line of the patient


Treatable Area


Facial fat relocation / Forehead / Temple / Under the ear fat / Deep cheeks / Front cheekbones / Side cheeks / Side cheeks / Lip corner fat / Chin / Removal of transplanted fat

What is AVOID Technique?


Accurately check the location of facial fat by checking the thickness of fat and the location of nerves with ultrasound. After disintegrating only adipose tissue except nerves and blood vessels through the water jet, it directly attacks and removes only the fat by hand.


1) Removes facial fat less than 10mm without damaging facial nerves and blood vessels
2) It is possible to remove the fat covered up to the upper part of the nerve, so it completely removes deep cheeks and deep ribs.
3) Removes only unnecessary fat from the cheekbones, front cheekbones, and side cheekbones to create a three-dimensional effect
4) Solves problems such as excessive fat injection / repeated foreign substance injection / insufficient fat removal surgery
5) It is possible to remove forehead fat without damaging the supra-orbicular nerves, arteries, and corrugator supercilli.



State-of-the-art Ultrasonic Liposuction Vaser Lipo 2.0


VASERlipo is an upgraded liposuction device that compensates for the shortcomings of the existing liposuction machine. After injecting a drug that breaks down fat into the treatment area, the decomposed fat cells are sucked using the ultra-sound ultrasonic energy of Vaserlipo 2.0, which repeats the intensity.

It can penetrate not only the thin layer but also the deep layer, so more than 95% of fat can be removed.

*According to the research results presented at the 2009 ASPS (University of Wisconsin) annual meeting, it was reported that Vaser 2 improved the lifting effect by 53% compared to regular liposuction.

Advantages of Vaser Lipo 2.0


FDA approval / Large-capacity liposuction / State-of-the-art ultrasound equipment / Minimizes bruising, pain, swelling, and bleeding

Surgery information


  • Operation time: Approx. 30 Mins - 1 Hr
  • Hospitalization: Unnecessary
  • Anesthesia: Sedation
  • Inpatient treatment: 1-2 times
  • Recovery Period Until Daily Lifte: After 1 Week

Treatable Area


Chin, Arm/Forearm, Back, Armpit, Abdomen, Side, Love Handles, Thigh, Hip, Calf

Quad Liposuction

Acquisition of service mark from the Korean Intellectual Property Office 'Quad Liposuction' for liposuction that prioritizes safety.

Fresh 4 step quad liposuction sequence
Liposuction with Acconia laser > Waterjet lipolysis and removal > Accu Sculpt Pro engraving > Healite laser promotes regeneration


Features of each device

- Acconia Laser: It irradiates a laser to make fat melt more easily, minimizes damage to blood vessels and nerves when inhaled, and effectively melts fat and fibrous tissue.

- Waterjet: It is a method of sucking fat using the pressure of water, and it is safer and less damaging to the body than other suction devices.

- AccuSculp: AccuSculp laser, which is effective in removing fine fat and improving elasticity, can carefully shape the body line after liposuction.

-Heallight: A new concept light therapy device using 1800 LEDs to speed up recovery after surgery and reduce side effects

Surgery information


  • Operation time: Approx. 30 Mins - 1 Hr
  • Hospitalization: Unnecessary
  • Anesthesia: Sedation
  • Inpatient treatment: 1-2 times
  • Recovery Period Until Daily Lifte: After 1 Week

Treatable Area


Gynecomastia / Abdomen (top, bottom) / Sides (love handle) / Thighs (inside, outside) / Ankles (front, both sides) / Back / Armpits (front, back) / Arms, forearms / hips / calves


Mini Liposuction


It refers to customized liposuction that removes only the fat from the desired area. If you are worried about having a lot of fat in a specific area, you can receive the procedure quickly and conveniently through safe local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia.

Surgery information


  • Operation time: Approx. 30 Mins - 1 Hr
  • Hospitalization: Unnecessary
  • Anesthesia: Sedation or Local
  • Inpatient treatment: 2 times
  • Recovery Period Until Daily Lifte: No Recovery Period

Treatable Area


- Abdomen: Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flank, love handles

- Forearm/Forearm: If the outer part of the forearm protrudes, the sagging flesh under the forearm

- Thighs: The flesh protruding from the front of the thigh, the horse meat on the side of the thigh, the hip line below the buttocks, the flesh inside the thigh, the Chanel line on the inside of the knee

- Armpit: floating chamber at the front of the arm, bra line at the back of the armpit

Advantages of Mini Liposuction

1) No recovery period is required as it is performed under local anesthesia or sedation

2) Daily life is possible immediately after surgery

3) Less burden on time and cost

4) Surgery time is as short as 30 minutes and recovery is fast

5) No need to wear compression garments

General Information about Fresh Plastic Surgery

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