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Pang Pang Clinic



Pang Pang Clinic


Trending high-frequency Lifting!

Definite result, Minimal pain

10THERMA’s specialty

Safe treatment utilizing 7 cooling pulses per application.

Customized treatments with a variety of procedure applicators to suit my needs.

Boosting skin confidence with maximum output of 400W.



300 shots


600 shots


Skin Elasticity + Skin Regeneration + Enhanced Skin Hydration

10THERMA 300 shots
+ Regevan 1cc + LDM

Skin Elasticity + Face contour + Skin Hydration treatment

10THERMA 300 shots
+ 10THERA 200 lines + LDM

Our facilities


421, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 3F

서울시 서초구 강남대로 421,3층 (서초동 삼영빌딩)

Hours of Operation

MON - FRI | 10:00 AM ~ 07:00 PM

SAT | 10:00 AM ~ 04:00 PM

Lunch Break | 01:00 PM ~ 02:00 PM

SUN | Closed

General Information about Pang Pang Clinic

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