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Ponytail Lifting - Thread Lifting



Ponytail Lifting

Confidence in lifting from the double chin to the forehead!

#Forehead Volume Redistribution
#Smooth V-line
#Natural Pull

Higher effects and more natural expressions!
Bioface Ponytail Lifting

Full face

Fast recovery



Experience the youthful lift with Ponytail Lifting.

Using the principle of natural and firm pulling as if tying up hair, Bioface has developed a high-level lifting technique that effectively designs naturalness by overcoming the shortcomings of previous lifting techniques.

Which areas are effective?

Marionette lines

Cheek fat


Dispersing fixation force?
Pulling with 'Surface', Not 'Line'!

Ponytail Lifting is a technique that pulls with 'surface' instead of 'line', which can cause a lumpy shape. With higher traction, it evenly pulls with distributed fixation force to create a smooth facial line.

lifting technique

The principle of pulling in one direction from one point.


Ponytail Lifting

The principle of pulling with dispersed force in multiple directions from one point with 'surface'.

Treatment Time

1 hour


Local anesthesia

Maximum effect

1 week for any bruising and swelling to fade away

Duration of effect

6 months to 1 year


Chance of minor swelling and bruising

Degree of pain

Slight discomfort

Recommended for those who:

✅ Those who have not seen the effect of previous lifting techniques.

✅ Those who want a more practical and economical lifting procedure.

✅ Those who want a naturally lifted lifting procedure.


Q. When can I expect to see the results?

A. Results are instantly visible but the initial stitches have to be removed after 5 days. Then it can take a week for the redness, bruising and swelling to reduce and fade away after the stitches are removed.

Q. How long does the effect last?

A. Typically 6 months to 1 year.

Q. What are the common side effects?

A. Minor bruising and swelling could appear around the areas of incision. Swelling disappears after 3-4 days and bruises disappear within a week. Very rarely, more serious side effects such as inflammation or infection may occur.

Q. How painful is it?

A. Local Anaesthesia is applied during the treatment. Afterwards there may be slight discomfort as the swelling and redness go down.

Q. Can you get treated simultaneously with other treatments?

A. Yes, the treatment can be combined with other treatment. It will be best to consult with the doctor to know what treatments you should get and in what order.


Park Joo Young
| Head Doctor

  • Busan National University Dept of Medicine
  • 2017 11th Korea Health Industry Awards, The Grand Prize

Our facilities


Sinsa Human Tower 10 floor

605 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 605 (서초구 잠원동 20-9)

휴먼 Tower 10층 비오페이스의원

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