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Relaxing Aroma Rose Treatment 150 minutes



Relaxing Aroma Rose Treatment 150 minutes

350,000 KRW

Relaxing body aroma treatment using
HN Spa’s signature ‘Rose Cream’

'Rose Cream', which contains natural Bulgarian rose oil, replenishes the body with moisture and helps relieve swelling and insomnia. Relax comfortably with the fragrance of the rose, and feel your energy increase.

Program sequence

1. Whole Body Aroma Relaxation

HN Spa's unique handling technique aids circulation throughout the body and loosens tight muscles, which is very effective in △relieving pain, △relieving edema, and △very effective in improving complexion.

2. Water Light Regeneration Ampoule

[ SONO Regeneration Ampoule ]
Replenishes moisture deep into the skin using SONO Ampoule and Soothing Ampoule, which are well-known as water drop lifting devices. In addition, through ultrasonic vibrations, waste and toxins in the skin are discharged along the lymphatic line, making the skin healthy from the inside out.

3. Youthful smile technique

Based on clinical data accumulated over many years, HN Spa’s unique ‘youthful smile technique’ loosens stiff muscles on the face and instantly corrects them to the right position while improving facial volume.

4. Rose Spa Modeling

HN Spa's unique modeling mask contains the highest-grade Bulgarian rose which helps maintain moisture for a long time and improves elasticity.

Our facilities


8th floor, Koreana Hotel, 135, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul

서울시 중구 세종대로 135, 코리아나호텔 8층

Hours of Operation

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