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Shurink - Skin Lifting




Cheek l Double chin l Around Eyes l Eyebrows
l Forehead l Neck area l Full face

Shurink is a HIFU (high intensity frequency ultrasound) lifting device developed in Korea.

Think of it as the Korean version of ultherapy. Like Ulthera, it emits ultrasound waves into the inner layers of the skin to trigger the collagen regeneration process. Ultimately, this results in a skin-lifting effect.

With Shurink, you can enjoy firmer, smoother,
and more toned skin in just a few short sessions.

Shurink 300 Shots

1 session

129,000 won

Shurink 500 Shots

1 session

210,000 won

Add 100 shots

1 session

43,000 won

*VAT Excluded

Shurink Lifting Information

Treatment time

30~40 minutes


6 - 12 months

Down Time

Some redness or minor swelling for 1~2 days

Degree of pain

Low to Moderate, numbing cream is used

Recommend to these people!

✅ Wrinkles due to facial expressions
✅ Sagging skin
✅ Face contouring
✅ Facial fat


"Shurink is almost identical to Ulthera in how it works. One key difference is that Ultherapy has an imaging device that can help with more precise targeting of layers under the skin. But apart from that Shurink can be just as effective as Ulthera, but much much more affordable!"


Park Joo Young
| Head Doctor

  • Busan National University Dept of Medicine
  • 2017 11th Korea Health Industry Awards, The Grand Prize

Our facilities


Sinsa Human Tower 10 floor

605 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 605 (서초구 잠원동 20-9)

휴먼 Tower 10층 비오페이스의원

Hours of Operation

Weekdays   |   10:00 AM ~ 08:00 PM

THU   | 10:00 AM ~ 07:00 PM

(Lunch Break   | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm)

SAT   | 10:00 AM ~ 04:00 PM ( No lunch break)

SUN & Holidays   | Closed

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