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Thermage FLX - Skin Lifting



Thermage FLX

Boost Elasticity with High-Frequency Energy!


No more worries about wrinkles,
discover the secret to youthful skin
with Bioface Thermage FLX!



Promotion of
collagen production

This powerful high-frequency thermal energy device stimulates collagen production and induces contraction and regeneration of elastic tissues, providing the original lifting laser treatment.

Thermage FLX

300 Shots

1,600,000 won

600 Shots

2,800,000 won

900 Shots

3,900,000 won

*VAT Excluded

The 4th generation Thermage FLX
improves sagging elasticity and wrinkles

With each shot, the energy delivery rate to each area is measured to automatically determine the optimal energy for each treatment area. Heat is delivered to the dermis layer immediately after treatment, resulting in an immediate effect of collagen denaturation.

Experience the various benefits of Thermage FLX today

Wrinkle improvement

Improvement of sagging skin, fine wrinkles, eye area, and eyelids

Skin remodeling effect

Overall improvement of skin texture through collagen regeneration and production

Lifting effect

Gradual collagen production after 2-3 months improves wrinkles, and maximum effects can be experienced after 6 months. Results can last up to 2 years.

Treatment areas for Thermage FLX

Sagging fine wrinkles around the eyes

Sagging eyelids

Face as a whole

Treatment Journey

Within 3 Days

• Minor redness for 1~2 hours after treatment.
• May have blisters that last around 3days at most.
• Some immediate lifting effect due to collagen contraction.

Within 7 Days

• Dramatic effect not yet visible.
• Any blisters or redness will disappear.

After 2~3 Months

• Wrinkle reducing due to collagen regeneration.
• Skin texture improves.
• Gradually begin to feel skin tightening effects.

After 3 Months ~ 1 year

• Maximum effect of Thermage at around 6 months.
• Collagen regeneration effect last up to a year.
• The amount of collagen slowly decreases until the two year mark.

Recommended for those who:

✅ Are concerned about loss of skin elasticity

✅ Are concerned about sagging cheeks and jawlines, double chins, and fine wrinkles

✅ Are concerned about sagging skin around the eyes

✅ Desire wrinkle improvement and natural lifting without surgery


Treatments To Go With
Ultherapy / Filler / Botox / Fat Dissolving Injections


Park Joo Young
| Head Doctor

  • Busan National University Dept of Medicine
  • 2017 11th Korea Health Industry Awards, The Grand Prize

Our facilities


Sinsa Human Tower 10 floor

605 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 605 (서초구 잠원동 20-9)

휴먼 Tower 10층 비오페이스의원

Hours of Operation

Weekdays   |   10:00 AM ~ 08:00 PM

THU   | 10:00 AM ~ 07:00 PM

(Lunch Break   | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm)

SAT   | 10:00 AM ~ 04:00 PM ( No lunch break)

SUN & Holidays   | Closed

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