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Toxnfill Myeongdong

Hiko in Myeongdong, Toxnfill



#Shape of the nose tip
#Height of the nose bridge
#Angle of the nose tip

in Myeongdong

The Perfect Nose Tip
Completed Through Lifting and Fillers

Hiko is a procedure that requires no incisions, as special medical threads are used along with fillers to improve the shape of the nose tip, height of the nose bridge, and angle of the nose tip. Unlike rhinoplasty, hiko allows for delicate shaping with immediate results that don’t require a long recovery period.


Hiko 4 threads
+ Filler (Korean) 1cc

440,000 won

Hiko 4 threads
+ Filler (Imported) 1cc

570,000 won

Hiko 8 threads
+ Filler (Korean)

570,000 won

Hiko 8 threads
+ Filler (Imported)

600,000 won

Our facilities


8F Apple Store building, Namdaemun-ro 84, Jung-gu, Seoul

서울시 중구 남대문로 84 애플스토어 건물 8층 톡스앤필 명동점

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General Information about Toxnfill Myeongdong

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