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She's Heal Clinic - VIVEVE 2.0 (Vaginal Laser)



(Vaginal Laser)

Only 20 minutes, vaginal relaxation, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence improvement.

Nonsurgical method to treat vaginal relaxation, VIVEVE 2.0 uses high frequency thermal energy on the vagina. This equipment has been approved by the FDA, CE, and KDFA for vaginal regeneration treatment.

Treatment Method

① After disinfection, treatment is carried out.

② A cooling tip is used on the vaginal opening.

③ Safe and comfortable treatment with a cooling system between 20~50 minutes.

Candidates for VIVEVE 2.0

Weak sensation
during sexual activity

Loss of elasticity

Pain due to vaginal dryness

Individuals looking for
non-surgical treatment

Restore elasticity and volume

VIVEVE 2.0 350s

6,500,000 won

VIVEVE 2.0 350s

9,000,000 won

VIVEVE 2.0 350s
(WonderFill + HA)

10,500,000 won


Q. Is it painless?

A. Due to the cooling system, you will only feel a warm sensation.

Q. Can I resume daily activities after the treatment?

A. You can resume daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Q. How many sessions are needed?

A. Improvements can be seen with just one 20-minute session, and clinical results show that about 90% of the effect is maintained for about a year.

Our medical team

Dr. Do-young Kim

  • Kyunghee University Graduate School of Medicine
  • Clinical Fellow, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Asan Medical Center in Seoul, Ulsan Medical School
  • Clinical lecturer , Reproductive endocrine Medicine , Ulsan Medical School, Seoul Asan Hospital
  • Clinical assistant professor, Department of Health and Medicine at Gangbuk Seongsim Hospital
  • Regular member, Korean Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Regular member, Korean Society of Menopause
  • Regular member, Korean Institute of Science and Studies of HIFU
  • Regular member, Korean Society of reproductive Medicine

Dr. Kang So-min

  • Plastic surgeon/Medical Science Master Degree
  • (Former) Representative Director, U&I Plastic surgery (Gangnam, Bupyeong, and Jeonju)
  • (Former) Director of U&I Plastic surgery
  • (Former) Director, New Line Plastic surgery in Chengdu
  • (Former) Director, LB Plastic surgery in Shenzhen, China
  • Director of Korea-China Medical Association
  • Regular member, Korea-Japan plastic surgery

Dr. Park Kyung-min

  • Medical specialist, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Korea Catholic Medical Center, the Catholic University
  • Clinical lecturer in the reproductive endocrine Division, Seoul ST. Mary's Hospital
  • Adjunct professor, Seoul ST. Mary's Hospital
  • (Former) Director, Subfertility Center, Hyosung Hospital
  • Member, Korean Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Member, Korean Society for Sterility and Endocrinology
  • Member, Korean Society of Reproductive Medicine
  • Member, Korean Society of Menopause

Our facilities


623, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, B1, F1, F2

서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 623 우일빌딩 B1, 1, 2층

* 1 Minute walk from Sinsa Station exit 5

Hours of Operation

MON - FRI | 10:00 AM ~ 07:00 PM

SAT | 10:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM

Lunch Break | 01:00 PM ~ 02:00 PM

SUN, Holidays   | Closed

General Information about SHE'S HEAL CLINIC

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