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Woomchan Hair Transplant Surgery

Woomchan Hair Transplant Clinic - Consultation Appointment




Surgery Information


Depends on the number of hair and the surgical method.

Surgery Time

It takes 4 to 5 hours based on 3000 hair (depends on the number of hair, surgical methods, etc.)


The transplanted hair is permanent in men. If it is not hair loss, permanent in women.

* After surgery, hair other than the transplanted hair may fall out due to progression of hair loss.

* Hair loss due to disease does not apply.

Duration of Bruise & Swelling

There may be bruise and swelling in the transplant area. Bleeding occurs in the back of the head and transplant area, and caution is required for at least two weeks.

1) Minimize scars with the one-touch technique, sliding technique + Trichophytic Closure independently developed by Woomchan Clinic.

2) Woomchan uses micro slits to drastically reduce the risk of hair follicle damage and scarring.

3) Professional hair follicle separation technician and medical team with more than 10 years of experience are with you.

4) If you are not satisfied with the results, the density enhancement surgery is performed one year after the date of surgery.

- Man`s Hair Transplant(FUT)

- Man`s Hair Transplant(FUE)

- Man`s Hair Transplant(Non-shaven FUE)

- Women`s Hairline Correction(FUT)

- Women`s Hairline Correction(FUE)

- Women`s Hairline Correction(Non-shaven FUE)

Men`s Hair Transplant                            (FUT/ FUE/ Non-shaven FUE)

If the density of the hairline, frontal part, or top of the head decreases due to hair loss, It is a surgical hair loss treatment method in which hair collected from back of the head is transplanted into a less dense area.

It is divided into FUT/FUE/None-shaven FUE according to the method of collecting hair from the back of the head.

* FUT: Cut the scalp to collect hair from the scalp. Because the scalp is incised and sutured, a U-shaped scar occurs after surgery. The size of the scar depends on the scalp condition, lifestyle, etc. and surgery is restricted if the scalp elasticity decreases.

* FUE: When collecting hair, the occipital part is partially shaved without incision in the scalp and punched per hair follicle using a tool to collect hair. There is no incision, so there is no scar in the shape of a U, and it is a circular shape with a small scar. After surgery, the scar is hard to see.

* Non-shaven FUE: The method is the same as FUE method. When collecting hair, the hair is collected by punching the hair follicles using an instrument without shaving. Since there is no shaved head, the scar area is covered by the surrounding hair the day after surgery.

Women`s Hairline Correction                          (FUT/ FUE/ Non-shaven FUE)

It is a hair transplant surgery that corrects bumpy or angled hair lines in a round shape. It is a correction method in which hair collected from the back of the head is transplanted into the desired area.

* The explanation of the collection method is the same as that of male hair transplantation.

Advantages of Woomchan Surgery


1) We will find the best surgical method depending on your scalp, hair, and hair loss condition.

People have different scalp and hair conditions, and the progression of hair loss is different. Therefore, the amount of hair and the surgical method should be different. Woomchan's doctor recommends the appropriate amount of hair and surgical method by identifying the patient's scalp condition, hair condition, and degree of hair loss.


2) Foreign doctors visit Woomchan to learn hair transplant techniques.

Every year, doctors from all over the world visit Woomchan to learn how to operate.


3) While collecting, hair follicle separation proceeds at the same time.

The longer the collected hair is exposed to the air, the lower the survival rate. Therefore, while collecting hair, the collected hair is immediately moved to the separation room to separate hair follicles to shorten the operation time. Hair follicle separators with more than 10 years of experience quickly and accurately separate hair follicles.


4) The special technique of Woomchan minimizes incision scars.

Sliding technique is an incision method that minimizes damage to surrounding tissues such as blood vessels and nerves by cutting the scalp as if pushing by adjusting the angle of the blade. Less tissue damage can reduce pain and expect a quick recovery.

Here, a special suture method, Trichophytic, is applied to minimize scars. Trichophytic minimizes the tension of the suture area and reduces the possibility of scarring.

* It is a way to reduce the occurrence of scars, and it is not a way to prevent them from occurring.


5) We provide 100% A/S.

Design counseling is conducted three times for satisfactory surgical results.(Before/On the day/ During the surgery) If the surgical results lack the density of the surgical results based on the density mentioned at the time of consultation, additional density strengthening surgery is performed. At this time, the operation is free of charge, and the non-shaven FUE costs a small amount.


6) Numerous experiences of mass hair transplantation.

More than 6,000 hair transplants are called mass hair transplants. Woomchan finishes the transplant in just one day with more than 6,000 hair transplants. The hair is collected by mixing FUT and FUE considering the scalp condition, the number of hair, and the condition of the hair.


No pain with VCD divider that reduces anesthesia pain for any surgery! Increase hair follicle activity rate with special material SW Hair Follicle Solution S developed in cooperation with Cornell University.

General Information about Woomchan Hair Transplant Surgery

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