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Best korean fillers

The number of patients seeking the best Korean filler procedures for aging skin is increasing. The aging process involves decreased collagen and hyaluronic acid, leading to wrinkles, decreased volume, and reduced elasticity in various facial areas.

Among various methods, fillers stand out as a non-surgical approach with immediate results and minimal downtime, making them popular in Korea, even earning the nickname ‘lunchtime procedures.’ The procedure typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour, allowing most patients to resume daily activities without notable symptoms.

Types of Korean facial fillers

Various types of facial fillers are being performed at renowned filler clinics in Korea. Here are the best Korean filler products.


Both are HA-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid, found naturally in our bodies, plays a role in supplying moisture, providing vitality, and maintaining it. The advantage lies in being easily accepted by most bodies and breaking down or dissolving easily.


RADIESSE® harnesses the power of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) and is an FDA-approved product with proven safety. It plays a crucial role in preventing aging by filling the skin’s core, improving skin wrinkles, and restoring volume. It can provide a fresh and vibrant appearance not only on facial areas but also on hands, neck wrinkles, and more.


Fillers like hyaluronic acid or calcium are directly injected, while JuveLook Volume triggers collagen production, helping the skin create its volume. It contains PLLA particles, ensuring safe collagen synthesis, with a structure that breaks down in the body post-procedure. Collagen’s essential role in volume, lifting, tightening, and reducing deep wrinkles makes JuveLook Volume versatile and beneficial.


ELLANSE filler is an absorbable medical filler composed of the polymer substance PCL (polycaprolactone) and a gel carrier. Unlike regular HA fillers, it induces collagen stimulation, forming volume. Its distinctive feature lies in the sensation of skin regeneration akin to one’s natural collagen production. It’s recommended for areas that require firm fixation, such as the forehead, temples, cheekbones, while areas like the nose, neck, under eyes, with thin skin, are not recommended due to potential nodules and easy lump formation with ELLANSE filler.

Facial Filler Clinics in Seoul

The treatment procedure and treated areas from specialized facial filler clinics in Seoul

Jivaka Beauty introduces experienced filler specialists and clinics in Seoul. Initially, patients consult with qualified medical professionals regarding their concerns. The specialist discusses aesthetic goals based on the patient’s specific interests, skin condition, and medical history, establishing a customized treatment plan.

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  • Nasolabial folds – If the area connecting the forehead and cheekbones appears sunken, filling it can create a smoother impression.
  • Glabellar wrinkles – Deep wrinkles caused by repeated frowning expressions can be softened.
  • Lower eyelid love band – Adds vitality to dull eyes and creates a youthful impression.
  • Front malar – Adds volume to the front malar, which may look weak due to a lack of volume. It creates a more three-dimensional face, giving the effect of a smaller face.
  • Nose bridge and tip – Elevating the nose bridge and shaping the tip to the desired form can clearly define the central part of the face.
  • Sunken eyes – As age progresses, signs of aging often show first around the delicate under-eye area. The filler will help add volume to the hollowed areas and treat dark circles.
  • Philtrum – Injecting filler in this area helps achieve an ideal angle for the nose from a side view.
  • Smile lines – Deep smile lines can contribute to an older appearance. Softening these lines helps create a gentle image, addressing wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Cheeks – Filling sunken cheeks due to aging gives a lively appearance and reduces the prominence of protruding cheekbones.
  • Earlobes – Adding volume to cracked or damaged earlobes can replace lost fat.
  • Corners of the mouth – The skin around the mouth tends to thin with age. Filler treatment can address smile lines, and Botox can be used to correct the shape of the mouth.
  • Lips – Lips tend to thin with age. The filler can add volume to the lips.
  • Jawline - Filler treatment can create a V-line for cases where the jawline is lacking definition.
  •  Forehead – Through filler treatment, a flat or asymmetrical forehead can be volumized.

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Pain and Side Effects:

The pain experienced during filler procedures varies from person to person, making it highly subjective. Local anesthesia is used to numb the treatment area, so there is almost no possibility of feeling pain during the procedure.

Fillers have different durations depending on the type used and factors related to the treated facial area. Despite being considered a straightforward procedure due to its permanence, potential side effects should also be considered.

Side effects include swelling, bruising, lumpiness, itching, and pain at the injection site. Additionally, there is a risk of infection, inflammation, discoloration, and scarring. To avoid such side effects, it’s important to follow precautionary measures. On the day of the procedure, it’s advised to avoid activities like saunas, baths, and alcohol consumption for at least a week.

Types of Korean facial fillers

Specialized facial filler clinics in Seoul recommended by Jivaka Beauty

  • T.O.Fill - Nose Filler(unlimited)


  • Face Filler


  • RADIESSE 1.5cc + Corage 2.0 (15 minutes)


  • Filler in Myeongdong, Toxnfill



  • Filler Event




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