Korea’s NON SURGICAL Labiaplasty

Korea’s NON SURGICAL Labiaplasty

In this post, we aim to explore non-surgical, low-noise laser shaping in Korea. The labia minora, or inner lips, are part of the external female genitalia located at the entrance of the vagina. The labia minora, shaped like a pair of wings, contain abundant nerve tissue and blood vessels, serving to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina or urethra and also playing a role in sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

Changes in the thickness, length, wrinkles, and color of the labia minora can occur, and especially when the size of the labia minora becomes enlarged, I can lead to not only aesthetic concerns but also various female genital conditions such as vaginal infections and itching.


Labia Minora Deformities Causes

Labia Minora Deformities Causes

There are cases where the labia minora is congenitally enlarged or asymmetrical. However, there are also cases where acquired deformities occur due to improper lifestyle habits. Wearing tight pants that cling to the body, habits such as crossing the legs, and excessive cycling can cause friction on the external genitalia, leading to deformities in the shape of the labia minora. In addition, labia minora deformities can occur due to factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, and aging.

Discomfort of Labia Minora Hypertrophy

Discomfort of Labia Minora Hypertrophy

When the labia minora become excessively elongated or enlarged, they can cause itching or a feeling of being pinched. Additionally, swelling and pressure sensations due to friction can occur.  This may lead to frequent symptoms of vaginal infections or the development of pimples on the labia minora. Vaginal discharge or urine may also accumulate on the labia minora.

Having labia minora hypertrophy does not necessarily require surgery. Since the shape and size of the labia minora vary from person to person, discomfort is often relative. However, if various uncomfortable symptoms occur, the shape or size of the labia minora may be the cause, and in such cases, improvement is possible through labia minora reshaping surgery.

Korea’s Labiaplasty

Korea’s Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty involves removing problematic areas that are elongated or outside the normal range of size, to achieve appropriate size and symmetry. Factors such as the ratio of labia minora to labia majora, length and thickness of labia minora, symmetry of labia minora, color, and sensory nerves closely associated with the labia minora should be comprehensively considered.

Even though it may be invisible, a specialist should perform surgical procedures considering their functional roles.

Korea’s Labiaplasty Without Sutures

Korea’s Labiaplasty Without Sutures

Laser labiaplasty without sutures involves precisely cutting away unnecessary labial tissue using only lasers instead of a scalpel. This technique minimizes tissue damage, leading to faster recovery, and the use of laser heat energy allows for the fusion of the treated area without the need for sutures or removal of stitches.

Laser 3D cutting + laser heat fusion + no sutures scars

Conventional suturing method Laser intracavitary heat fusion method

Conventional suturing involves suturing from the outside, which results in visible suture marks on the skin surface.

The skin tissues around the labia minora are sensitive and delicate, so when the conventional suturing method is used, permanent scars can result. 
The laser intracavitary heat fusion method is a technique that finishes the surgery area of the labia minora with laser heat energy from the inside. Since there are no suture marks and no need for sutures, there is no need to remove the stitches separately.  


  • Laser surgery without the use of a scalpel

By exclusively using laser surgery, swelling can be minimized, and rapid recovery is possible. The elongated and distorted labia minora wings are improved in an ideal and beautiful manner, considering both sides’ balance, size, shape, color, wrinkles, and other factors.

  • Labia minora papilla reshaping and improvement of labia minora discoloration

By appropriately adjusting the labia minora papilla, hidden papillae can be exposed, allowing for satisfying sexual pleasure, and correcting dull and dark labia minora can save time and money.

  • No more scarring! Enhance vaginal tip elasticity!

Improves the elasticity of the vaginal tip that has undergone deformation such as sagging and wrinkles, making it sleek and smooth.

When Korea’s Laser Labiaplasty Is Recommended

When Korea’s Laser Labiaplasty Is Recommended:

-When the labia minora shape is asymmetrical

-When the labia minora is discolored or elongated

-When discomfort is experienced wearing tight clothing or during exercise

-When the labia minora area is frequently itchy and emits an unpleasant odor

-When vaginal infections and urinary tract infections occur frequently

-When discomfort is felt during sexual intercourse

-When dissatisfied with the appearance after previous surgery

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Process And Information For Non Surgical Laser Labiaplasty

Visit and consultation: Evaluation of labia minora condition > Precise diagnosis of labia minora condition > Consultation and establishment of surgical plan > Non-surgical laser labiaplasty > Confirmation of surgical results using imaging diagnostic equipment > Post-operative care at home

-Surgery Duration: 50 minutes

-Anesthesia Method: General anesthesia with local anesthesia

-Use of Sutures: Not used

-Hospitalization: Not required

-Recovery Period: 2 weeks

-Abstinence Period: 4 weeks


Post-Care Instructions For Korea’s Laser Labiaplasty:

-Daily activities are possible immediately after surgery, but avoid strenuous exercise or activities.

-Eating is possible immediately after surgery, but it’s advisable to refrain from alcohol and smoking.

-Showering is allowed immediately after surgery, but bathing is recommended after about a week.

-Sexual activity can be resumed one month after surgery.


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