“Chubby VS Saggy”, the right lifting procedures according to your face concern

We go through big temperature differences in our life daily. Especially during in-between seasons like now, the skin becomes sensitive and dry, and the skin elasticity tends to decrease easily. More often, if the line sags or fine wrinkles appear due to aging many will consider whether to get lifting treatment or not.

Although face lift surgery or thread lifting procedures can provide immediate results after the swelling is gone, people who feel burdensome with the recovery time and cost mostly option for lifting laser instead. Laser lifting is characterized by gradually showing effects and becoming apparent after about three months.

There’s a variety of laser lifting options such as Ulthera, Shurink, Doublo, Thermage, Oligio and more. Let's find out the difference between each procedure.

Slim down the chubby face through ultrasound lifting laser!

Ultrasound lifting laser is a principle that allows lifting by applying heat to the skin and fat. The facial layer transmits thermal energy to give a lifting effect, but it can also add thermal energy to the fat layer to lose cheek fat. Therefore, ultrasound lasers are recommended for people who have some fat or thick skin on the face. Ultrasound laser types include Ulthera, Shurink, and Doublo.

Shurink, Doublo

- Lifting effect, improve skin elasticity

- Those who preferred to get treatment in several sessions


- Lifting effect, improve skin elasticity

- Needed procedures that last longer with just one session

- For those who aren’t able to do several sessions regularly

Pain level

Ulthera > Shurink = Doublo


Thin skin and saggy face concern? High frequency lasers are the answer!

The high-frequency lasers are effective in improving skin elasticity and wrinkles by adding stimulation to the dermal layer of the skin. Therefore, this procedure is recommended for those who have thin skin or less fat on their face. Types of high-frequency lasers include TuneFace, InMode, Thermage, and Oligio.


-Recommended for those who are sensitive to pain


-For elasticity and face contouring


-Long lasting effect with one treatment

-Tightening effect

-For those who are not sensitive to pain

-For older age group


-For those who wants immediate effect

-For those who are sensitive to pain

Pain level

Thermage > TuneFace > InMode > Oligio


Precautions for lifting laser treatment

-Check whether your skin concern is a collagen deficiency or a problem with the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer through consultation

-After adequate consultation, get only the required amount of shots recommended to you

-Check if the equipment has been officially approved

-Make sure the tips used are not replicate or recycle tips


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