facial asymmetry? Checklist and method on how to correct it

facial asymmetry: Let’s try and put a ruler in your mouth and look in the mirror. Does it feel like it’s tilting to one side and not center? If yes, you too may also have facial asymmetry.

Facial asymmetry refers to cases where the length or area of the left and right of the faces are different when comparing to each other, or or the inclination of the lips is not parallel to the horizontal line. Every individual may have slight facial asymmetry, but if it gets worse depending on lifestyle, it causes discomfort in daily life and can be a major cause of appearance complex.


Self-diagnosis method for facial asymmetry

  • The center of the face and the center of the chin do not match
  • The shapes of both jawlines do not match
  • The corner of the mouth is exceptionally raised to one side
  • The sizes of the eyes are different or inclined
  • The nasolabial folds (laugh line) look particularly severe on one side
  • The position or size of the cheekbones are different
  • The center of upper and lower teeth do not match


Non-surgical treatment

1. Orthodontic Treatment

If you have a poor bite due to asymmetry, this problem can be corrected through orthodontic procedure. Facial asymmetry can be improved to some extent with orthodontic treatment that corrects the position of teeth and solves facial asymmetry.

If you do it in your teens before the end of the growth period, it can be seen as the fastest and best, but this is to prevent it from growing incorrectly, and in the case of middle age, it has the effect of correcting the grown teeth. Orthodontics can correct the structure of the oral cavity that has been deformed due to aging, such as the weakening of the gums and the crowding of the lower teeth or the formation of gaps between the teeth. Free consultation


2. Fat grafting or filler

This is a method of filling in volume with fat in the uneven or chapped areas without touching the facial skeleton. Although we can’t expect the result to be as dramatic as surgery, this can easily be a supplement for the case of mild asymmetry.  Free consultation 


Surgical Method

There are three surgical methods to treat facial asymmetry. Which are flat jaw surgery, double jaw surgery, and facial contouring (facial contouring + chin tip rotation).

1) Flat Jaw Surgery: This is a method of fixing the lower jaw bone after osteotomy and fixing the position in accordance with the symmetry of the face to match with the upper jaw.

2) Double Jaw Surgery: It is performed when the upper jaw and lower jaw do not coincide with the centerline of the entire face, so the occlusion does not match, or when the length of both sides of the face is different and inclined. This will be fixed by cutting the upper and lower jaw at the same time, and moved to fit the central axis of the face.

3) Facial Contouring (contouring + chin rotation): If let say the shape, size, length etc. of the overall cheekbones or jawline are different and asymmetry, the method of trimming cheekbones or jawline can be used in this case. If it is due to muscle, it can be corrected by various contouring techniques depending on the patient's condition such as resection of the muscle. Free consultation


Despite your concern, you are advised to consult with a specialist that have anatomical knowledge and experience. Satisfying results can be achieved only when the procedure is performed considering the movement of the muscles and the overall harmony of the face. Are you looking for an expert doctor? Contact Jivaka now for consultation arrangement.

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