Double chin & Thick and Short Neck Treatment IN KOREA

Is the neck just the part that supports the head? A neck usually covered in the face or by long hair. However, since the long neckline emphasizes femininity, the importance of neck care becomes more important as you get older
A face without slenderness, the malar or the square jaw sticking out, deviated nose, asymmetrical faces are more often caused by aging reactions or bad habits than by the skeleton of the face itself. It is difficult to change the facial skeleton itself, but if you improve the function of the facial muscles and maintain skin elasticity, you can make your face line look beautiful.


Why is my face getting bigger?

Find out why my face is getting bigger first, it is possible to know the cause of the double chin and thick neck and treat it accordingly. Below is a summary of the various reasons why the face is getting bigger or looking bigger.

1. Abnormal development of facial muscles:

The muscle of the body getting bigger and stronger as you use and also the same as the muscles of the masticatory muscles and facial muscles too. However, problems can occur when activated without any attempt other than the required function. Especially, if muscles such as the masseter muscles, temporal muscles, subarachnoid muscle and the tip of the chin become overstretched or become less functional, facial contours may change.

2. Get fat on your Face:

If you get fat on your face due to obesity, fat pads will thicken and subcutaneous fat will increase, which will increase your face size. In particular, when the fat accumulated under the chin, the boundary between the chin and the neck disappears and the face becomes bigger.

3. Ageing Phenomenon:

Skin sagging, which is inevitable due to aging, is a phenomenon that occurs when the dermis is degenerated and deformed, collagen quality drops and the tension collapses. In addition, the loss of muscle strength can cause skin sagging, resulting in thick double chin and thick neck. The reason for this is that our skin is connected to the muscles through the fascia. When the elasticity of the muscles weakens, the force of the fascia supporting the weight of the skin also falls and the skin sagging occurs and the face line collapses.

4. Posture problem:

For Straight neck or a text neck, it is easy to have a double chin because it is more affected by gravity than a normal person. In addition, wrong posture could disturb the movement of the surrounding muscles of chin that cause the chin to easily droopy and the sublingual muscle weakening lead to the volume at the bottom of the face larger.

5. The problem of salivary glands, not fat or muscles:

If you have salivary gland hypertrophy, the border of the neck may disappear. Salivary gland hypertrophy refers to excessive enlargement of the salivary glands. In this case, the face looks broader overall, and the double chin or the fat under the chin makes the face look longer. What is characteristic is that it is difficult to lose even if you diet, salivary gland Botox can’t be effective and your neck may look thicker and shorter.

6. Side effect after surgery:

In the case of facial liposuction or contour surgery, the most important point is focus on the overall harmony of the face. Accordingly, leaving an appropriate amount of fat and

Recommended treatment for Double chin& Thick neck causes IN Korea

The double chin, which means that the jaw line is not clear and overlaps in two, may appear due to fatigue or aging but also because of aging and slender type. Below is a summary of the cause-specific double chin treatment.


The double chin, which is caused by gaining weight

- Liposuction, Lipolysis injection, Shurink, Thermage, etc Lifting
If the lower part of the chin is overloaded with fat and the jaw line becomes blurred, liposuction can be considered first. This can be done by local anesthesia or sedation by removing fat from the lower neck of the chin. If you do not have a lot of fat, you can get lipolysis injection or laser treatment. Especially in Korea, double chin injection is called various names such as 'contour injection' and 'pixel injection', which are procedures that help to make the jaw line into a V line.


Double chin caused by Drooping neck muscle

- Botox, Under the chin area Incision Lifting surgery
Muscles from the jaw to the upper part of the collarbone below the neck, Platima is a thin muscle with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm. When this area is stretched due to gravity, the jaw area is naturally stretched and looks like a double chin. If the thinning of the plasma is the cause of the double chin, Botox treatment can be done. For beneath the chin and neck, there are many nerves and blood vessels, so you should be treated by an experienced specialist.
If you have severe sagging, there is also an incision lifting operation that cut a little under the chin and stitches the stretched plasma. The effect is permanent as the stretched muscles are reliably corrected.


A double chin caused by sagging skin

- High frequency, Ultrasonic Wave, Neck Lifting
There is a person with chubby under the chin while the arms and legs are skinny. It is usually caused by skin sagging due to aging. When the degree of double chin is not severe, it can be reduced with the radio frequency and the ultrasonic wave procedure. If the skin is sagging serious, you can also consider a neck lift that corrects the sagging neck skin after incising both earlobes.


A double chin caused by wrinkles

- Rejuran healer, Thread Lifting, Filler, etc
When the double chin is more prominent in the horizontal wrinkles of the neck, it can be improved with a Rejuran healer that promotes skin regeneration. In addition, the neck wrinkle can be smoothed by thread lifting using a melting thread such as PDO and the deeply hollowed area can be supplemented with a filler.


A double chin caused by various reasons

- Neck reduction surgery
When you are concern about face fat, it can be improved by facial liposuction surgery, but to have a beautiful neckline it is important to remove the double chin and give the neck elasticity. Neck reduction surgery is for to whom with no boundary between the face and the neck, by reducing the muscles under the chin, salivary glands and the tissue find missing jaw and neck line.
The surgical area and extent of improvements are mainly on Front jaw and muscle contractions, acupuncture reduction, salivary glands, salivary glands under the ear and tissue reduction.


Do I also need Double chin or Think neck treatment?

- No border line between the chin and neck due to chubby fat
- Got drooping skin under the chin after facial liposuction
- Neck looks short due double chin

Thick neck reduction molding information IN Korea
Neck reduction, Excision related video information


Optimal surgery for no boundary neck, it is an operation to find a neck line.

-Surgery time: 2hours
-Method of Anesthesia: Sedation
-Hospitalization no needed
-Stitch removal: Day 7


Q&A related to neck reduction

-Neck reduction:

Optimal operation for think or short neck, to make the right angle of the chin and neck. If you do it with double chin surgery, it has the effect that the chin moves inward and the neck looks longer. Moreover, it is suitable for different cases; short chin, think neck or have many tissues between the neck and chin so that the neck and chin can’t be distinguished.


-Neck excision:

It's an operation to remove neck wrinkles and sagging skin. Usually suitable for sagging due to aging.

*No boundary between the chin and the neck? Recover a slender neckline and a slim chin line with neck reduction surgery IN Korea.


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