Liposuction Injection 'LAMS' in Korea


The struggle with fat is a problem for both men and women. Exercise and eating habits are the ideal ways to reduce fat, but it is not easy to maintain a regular life in busy daily life. Particularly, there are parts that can’t be solved by exercise and diet, such as belly, love handle, inner thigh, back, buttocks, forearms. In addition, from the average age of 30, metabolism slows down and fat, cellulite become harder as a result difficult to lose fat.

In this case, usually think of liposuction surgery or liposuction injection but we hesitate because of the difficulty of management after the procedure and marginal effect. Today, would like to introduce Korea renowned diet procedure which is a Liposuction Injection in korea that left only these two advantages intact. If you're thinking about a short-term diet, everyone pay attention!

Liposuction Injection LAMS

NO Incision, NO Sedation, Liposuction Injection in Korea

Liposuction is an injection procedure that literally inhales fat. This procedure directly removes fat and reduce the number of adipose cells at the same time. Furthermore, destroy cellulite connection and induce discharge of peripheral fat without Incision, Sedation, etc process.

LAMS is one of the representative liposuction injections in Korea. It is Adipocyte removal procedure launched in 2014, the amount of use has exceeded 100 bottles as of January 2022.


Fat extraction process of Liposuction Injection- LAMS in Korea

  1. Periphery dissolution: Particular fat decomposition solution is put into troublesome area, injected evenly to deeper fat layer to help fat decomposition.
  2. Tunneling: It is the process of creating a tunnel to discharge the fat easily and quickly. In addition, break the fibrous membrane that is wrapped around the fat with the LAMS tube (Rams cannula) to help the fat to be discharged well. When the fibrous membrane which is pulling the skin break down, as a result the skin becomes taut and cellulite improves.
  3. Fat extraction: Inhale the fat through an inhalation syringe so that able to see it with your own eyes. However, if the color of the LAMS extract is red it can be thought that it is not effective, but actually it is not.

As the adipose cells are also a living organism, nutrients are needed. Therefore, there are very thin blood vessels in the fat layer to supply nutrients. That is the reason of get a little blood mixed while rub the fat layer evenly with the LAMS procedure.


Special point of LAMS (Liposuction Injection)

  1. Nonsurgical injection procedure: As it inhales fat by injection, there is less swelling, less pain in the procedure and possible to return to daily life immediately. Due to fast recovery period, liposuction injections in a short time are suitable for an effective obesity diet.
  2. Fat direct extraction: At the same time, it is possible to perform several

parts and destroy cellulite in each troubled area. Applicable parts are forearm, abdomen, thigh, back, side, buttocks, etc.

  1. Control Fat amount: As the procedure inhales the fat by controlling the amount of fat on each part able to proceed the procedure through full consultation with the specialist about the desired line and body.


LAMS, What’s the difference from Liposuction Surgery?

The biggest difference is the amount of inhalation. If the goal of liposuction surgery is to remove the least amount of subcutaneous fat, LAMS aim to limit the area of fat extraction and make effective changes within an area.

It can be said ‘YES’ that LAMS is less effective than liposuction surgery. However, as LAMS don’t have to inhale as much as like liposuction surgery have advantages in the use of surgical instruments, anesthesia methods, post-procedure downtime and the possibility of side effects. These are the LAMS superiority parts over liposuction surgery.

If you want to get rid of a large amount of fat, it is right to choose liposuction surgery, but if you are searching for non-surgical methods such as injections or mechanical procedures because you are afraid of surgery then LAMS is the optimal method.

Types of LAMS


LAMS with liposuction that doesn't require a skin incision and sleep anesthesia or compression suit. The price is set in 1 bottle unit, so you can set the number of bottles as much as you want or as appropriate after consulting with a specialist.


Unlimited Bottle of LAMS

When can’t make decision for how many bottles of LAMS you need or the general LAMS procedure cost is burdened due to a large body, the unlimited bottle of LAMS can be selected.

The principle of the procedure is the same as the original LAMS but the fat can be extracted without limit to the number of bottles.

It is designed to extract as much fat as possible while practicing directly by medical staff with abundant experience in obesity treatment. It is effective for fat reduction and less costly.


Weight by Age LAMS

Even if you manage your diet, keep continue to gain weight, edema is severe and you feel swollen and sagging? This is because as you get older, cells also ageing and your metabolism slows down, making fat and cellulite harder. Weight by Age LAMS that works simultaneously on the skin layer, the subcutaneous fat layer, and the muscle layer by using a drug formulation optimized for removal of weight by age and special equipment. The weight by age can be removed and muscle strengthening and skin elasticity enhancement can be achieved.

Facial LAMS

-> Have a small face with a severe double chin, get unsatisfied pictures due to chubby buccal fat, still concern with plump cheeks even after losing weight, strongly recommend for Facial LAMS. Facial LAMS also progresses without incision or Sedation, the fat of the narrow part is mainly eliminated and the improve double chin also.

Reserve a Short-Term Diet with Liposuction Injection LAMS in Korea


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