Exosome Skin Care - What is it and How it works?

Exosome skin care has been gaining reputation to becoming a great treatment for skin regeneration. With more and more treatments coming out that focus on healing the skin deeply to reverse effects of aging, Exosome skin care works to do exactly that. Often times, treatments like fillers and botox are excellent at correcting aging skin like wrinkles but they don't heal the damage the skin has gone through when it ages. Exosome skin care works to target that damage in he form of Exosome therapy. But how does this therapy work?

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes were first made popular in the medical field to treat many illnesses such as cancers and tumours. There is still more research being done to find out more and more benefits of exosomes and what other conditions they can treat. However through all this it has been proved that they do have amazing healing and regeneration properties that work by making the skin healthy from within.

Exosomes, as seen below, are extremely small (nanoparticles) bundles that have been expelled from the cell. This can be from different parts of the body such as blood or bone. The cells in our body are specialised to do their function - a muscle cell will not be the same as a skin cell. These cells will produce different products that need to be carried to different parts of the body. These cell products are usually DNA, RNA, proteins, growth factors and nutrients which are wrapped up and forced out of the cell towards the target areas. This is what we call an exosome. Depending on where we get these exosomes form, there can be a lot of valuable nutrients in them which can be essential for skin regeneration that we can bring directly to the skin.

Exosome Skin Care - what are exosomes

What is Exosome skin care therapy

First the skin is cleansed so that it holds no layer of dirt or dead skin cells. After this there are two ways of doing the procedure; one requires downtime and the other doesn't. The first method is using Microneedling Therapy System (MTS) which uses tiny needles to create very small holes on the skin (they are so small you can barely see them). The exosome treatment mask is then applied on top and because of the tiny holes created, the treatment can be absorbed by the skin better and deeper. This requires downtime of a few days as the tiny holes heal.

The other method has no downtime and uses ultrasound instead of MTS. The exosome treatment is applied to the face, the same way as above after the face is cleansed. The exosome particle are already very small so that they can enter the skin easily but the heat from ultrasound allows them to go even deeper. This is also important because sometimes the nutrients in the exosome just sit on the skin surface. This can happen if the skin tissues are resisting the exosomes because it doesn't recognise them. The ultrasound targets these tissues and helps them accept the exosomes.

Who is Exosome Skin Care for?

This treatment is for any anyone looking for skin regeneration. This can be to heal skin damage from aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, or by the sun, or skin that is not healthy. Unhealthy skin usually has wider pores, facial lines, dehydrated skin, surface scars and discolouration. If a person has stronger skin damage such as sagging skin, deep scars or darker discolouration, then a stronger treatment like fillers will be required to correct it. This treatment is perfect for milder, rather than severe, skin damage.

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