Skin Care In Korea - Which one is right for you?

Skin care in Korea uses latest methods to achieve the best results, whether it is DIY or specialized clinic treatment. Beauty trends like glass skin, the widely popular make up techniques, or that skin care treatment your favourite celebrity received, it is safe to say that it is renowned and popular here.

In recent years, Korean style cosmetics became a leader in the global market for both products and treatment due to 'hallyu' AKA the Korean wave. With this growing popularity arises many questions about obtaining that perfect skin.

Famous Korean Kpop artists are getting more and more exposure globally and the first reaction they receive is "why is their skin so flawless?". Well my dear readers, on top of the daily self skin care routine, they visit the dermatologist as much as they can on top of their busy schedule. As mentioned by BTS interview in Allure, member J-Hope's says: 'I try to go to the dermatologist when I have some free time after work'

In this blog, we will introduce you to complete guide and insight to skin care in Korea.

Why Is Skin Care In Korea So Popular?

Over the last two decades Korean style and beauty trends have taken over the world. As mentioned before, a huge reason for this is the hallyu wave which is Korean culture traveling over to other countries in the form of Korean media such as dramas and idols. People want the clear, youthful skin that many Korean celebrities have.

With the increased use of social media, Korean influencers make Korean beauty and skincare trends a worldwide phenomenon. Whether this is introducing double cleansing to the world by Korean beauty Youtubers or Instagram, or just presenting full set of aesthetic Korean skin products that they use.

The products, routines and procedures are also based on technological advancements in Korea and new researches that are taking place. Unlike a lot of other countries who use western based products and treatments, Korea produces its own unique product lines and skincare treatments. This attracts a lot of tourists who want to get these cosmetic procedures done in Korea for the great results it gives. This makes Korean clinics experts in the procedures they provide simply because those treatments are done so often which keeps the price of those treatments lower than what it is in the west.

The facilities and equipment are extremely high tech, and all of them are performed by dermatological experts. All this guarantees great and proven results which is one of the reason that makes skin care in Korea extremely popular.

At Home Skincare Routine


There are many at-home skincare routines, which is an alternative to the clinical treatments discussed in this article. From face masks to mini machinery that brings the clinic home to you, there are many ways to affordably get skincare done at home.

The biggest trend that has moved to the West from Korea is the multi-step skincare process which are as plentiful as 7 steps or sometimes even up to 10 steps care routine. These routines combine complimentary products that have different functions to improve the skin such as toners, serums, essences, face masks etc.

All these products and habits are great for maintaining the general health of the skin, preventing further skin issues and may even heal stubborn conditions like mild scarring and persistent acne.

Korean 10 step skin care routine /

However, instantaneous results are almost never possible and a lot of time and money has to be spent on products to get clinical-like results. The products that treat stubborn issues like scarring are usually expensive and will take time to take effect. There are also at home treatments that are subpar in comparison to results that health professionals like doctors who are experts in skin can deliver.

The clinical treatments uses high-tech equipment which are extremely safe and much more effective than mini versions of that machine sold in the market. This applies to mini vacuums to suck blackheads out of pores and such. For most clinical treatments, the machines are just too bulky and expensive for your average consumer to be bought and brought home.

Generally, it is better to carry out at-home methods if your skin is not sensitive and is mostly healthy with no ongoing issues like wrinkles or persistent acne. As it is with everything, for actual skin concerns that are troubling, it is always best to get expert opinion and treatment. This may at first may seem more expensive but in the long run, will give the desired results. After all, they say, prevention is the best cure.

So, you may ask, what are some clinical treatments for skin care in Korea?

There are many treatment types available and it can be a bit confusing at the start. To alleviate your curiosity, we will introduce to you the most popular skin care treatments available in Korea today.

HIFU (Ultherapy/Shurink)


HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound), also referred as Ultherapy and Shurink, is traditionally used medically for imaging which many people know as the ultrasound. This is a relatively new cosmetic treatment for skin tightening that many consider as a non-invasive and a painless replacement for face lifting. This treatment is most widely known for its use to treat cancer, tumour and other medical conditions such as kidney stones, and the first reported use of HIFU for cosmetic use was in 2008.

Ever since HIFU was approved for aesthetic use, clinical trials have shown this treatment to be effective and safe for facial lifting and removing wrinkles. The best part was, that people were able to see the results couple of months after the treatment, without the hassles that come with surgery.

If you want the best treatment for skin care in Korea, then HIFU is a must try solution.

How is HIFU used?

As mentioned before, HIFU uses ultrasonic waves to heat and damage the tissues. While it may sound counter-intuitive, this damage affects the fat and muscles underlying below the skin surface, which then kick starts the repair processes in the body naturally by producing collagen. At the same time, it also breaks down tissues such as fats which can then be drained by the body’s systems. This collagen increase results in much tighter and firmer skin with less visible wrinkles.

Finally, it also increases blood flow to the target area which helps heal that area. It is able to do all these different things because the actual wave can be altered depending on what result is wanted.

What is the procedure for the treatment?

The process uses extremely focused ultrasound waves which have been adjusted to target the layer of the skin that is damaged or is causing the skin troubles. A gel is applied to this target area and the HIFU hand piece is moved over the area according to the patient needs. During the treatment, as the shots of ultrasonic waves are delivered to the skin, it is also cooled simultaneously to prevent any further damage to the surface of the skin.

Who it is good for?

This is recommended for anyone who wants to treat skin conditions such as facial lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and over all tightening of skin. Benefits outside of skin care are also facial fat reduction and face contouring. It is highly recommended for tightening and lifting of skin on the neck, under the chin, below the jawline, the cheeks and under the eyes. It must be said, however, that HIFU will not work as well for candidates with conditions of extreme skin sagging.

What is the cost?

Depending on whether the person goes for Shurink (Korean brand) or Ulthera (American brand), the price varies from $150 USD to $500 USD. This figure also depends on the number of shots needed to successfully complete the treatment.

Before and after: Check out video of popular Youtuber Mongabong below who has done the treatment and shares her results and her overall experience.

Interested? Read more about Shurink here. Alternatively, book your HIFU treatment here or take advantage of our free video consultation with the professionals.

Face Fillers


Face fillers are one of the most well-known cosmetic procedures that has been carried out for decades, going back to the 1970s. It started off with animal collagen which was injected in target areas but it had issues with people being sensitive to it. This was used for another 30 years before hyaluronic acid entered the scene. This new type of filler lasted longer and most people are not sensitive to it because the compound is already found in our body. This formula is then modified by companies to give the range of wonderful fillers we have now to produce great results.

How are face fillers used?

The filler is injected in to the target area that requires smoothing or to add volume.

What is the procedure for the treatment?

The procedure is relatively simple. As described above, the fillers are injected in to the target location evenly. After the procedure, the down time is minimal with only minor swelling in some cases.

Who it is good for?

This type of treatment is best for those who have deep wrinkles such as deep nasolabial folds and also for those who have dark circles due to hollowness under the eyes. Since it it fills the skin, it is an excellent alternative to people who want non-invasive cosmetic correction as an alternative to plastic surgery.

What is the cost?

The price is dependent on the brand of filler used and whether that brand is Korean or foreign. Different types of fillers also are more suitable for different areas of the face.

Before and after: Check out popular YoutuberRaiza Contawi below who has completed the treatment from start to finish and shows her results and experiences.

Want to know more? Read more about 5 uses of filler injections here. Alternatively, book the filler treatment or take advantage of our free video consultation with the professionals.

Thermage (RF)


Thermage has been used medically in the past for treating cancer, scanning the human body using MRI and in surgeries. This treatment technique uses radio-frequency to heat up tissues which stimulates collagen to be produced naturally.

How is Thermage used?

The radio wave is directed at the target area where it then goes through the top layers of the skin and enters a part of the skin layer where the concern starts from. Here the radiowaves cause minor damage by heating up the tissue under the skin which triggers collagen production in that layer. Collagen is the pillars under the skin holding it tight and firm but as age increases, the collagen in skin decreases.

What is the treatment procedure?

Thermage treatment process uses cooling gel to cool the surface of the skin as the laser is moved over the target area. Shots are then delivered at the target area. Unlike other laser treatments, for Thermage, one session is usually enough to give the desired effect. Booking for more than one session will achieve much more of the desired results.

Who it is good for?

It is excellent for targeting wrinkles, sagging skin, loose skin and fine lines. Due to the size of machinery used, it is great for targeting smaller regions and targeting the tissues deeply so it is also great for deep wrinkles.

What is the cost?

Starts from around $1000 USD

Before and after:


If you are interested, have a free video consultation with our professionals orbook the treatment here. Alternatively, read more about Thermage cost compared to other treatments here.

Babyface Injection


Babyface injection is a name for vitamin injection designed to be used for your face and body. Ever since it's inception, it is considered as the ultimate and efficient anti-aging injection to achieve a more youthful complexion, as it delivers vital skin nutrients.

Babyface injection is now considered as a fast and effective clinical treatment for skin care in Korea today.

How is Babyface injection used?

Growth-inducing components (such as vitamins) that are found in our body are used as a key ingredient in this injection. It is injected in the skin layers where it triggers collagen production, starts processes for repairing damaged skin cell and gives overall youthful looking skin.

What is the procedure?

The procedure is around 30 mins which could be more or less depending on the area being injected. The area is numbed and then injected. Afterwards there may be some swelling and redness, but this should go down within a few hours.

Who it is good for?

This is great for anyone wanting to tighten their pores, with light to moderate wrinkles, dehydrated skin and textured skin.

What is the cost?

Typically around $100 USD

Book the treatment here, or speak with English speaking doctors for a free consultation today!

PRP Collagen Injection


Since it’s discovery in the 1970s, PRP has been used in many medical fields. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and plasma is component of the blood that contains nutrients and proteins which are carried around the body. It also contains platelets which are small fragments of different parts for a cell that usually come together to cover an open wound.

Platelet rich plasma is just plasma that contains a lot of platelets. Historically, these platelet rich plasma have been used in surgeries and for cosmetic reasons recently such as healing scars.

These plasma contains special proteins that help your blood to clot and support cell regeneration. When PRP is injected into the area, the concentration of the growth factors in the location will allow the tissues to heal and regenerate faster than usual. PRP is now trusted by many patients and is considered as the go-to solution for skin care in Korea.

How is PRP used?

Blood is taken from the client and then the PRP is extracted from it. This is then mixed with other ingredients and then injected in the targeted areas.

What is the procedure?

The procedure is around 30 mins which could be more or less depending on the area being injected. The area is numbed and then injected. Afterwards there may be some swelling and redness, but this should go down within a few hours.

Who it is good for?

This is recommended for those who have aging skin with features like wrinkles, fine line and looser skin. It is also good for people with scarring and unwanted stretch marks.

What is the cost?

$400 USD

Before and after:

PRP injection (Q.O Fill) before and after treatment /

Book the treatment today, read more about the specifics of PRP, or talk to our specialist for a free consultation for any questions you may have.

Hydrolifting Injection


Hydrolifting injection has intensive moisturizing capacity, and injecting this filler directly into the face creates a moisture membrane. This treatment works wonders for anti-aging, skin elasticity, smoothing out fine wrinkles, and of course, moisturising the skin.

The key ingredient for this injection is hyaluronic acid which has been used in cosmetics since the early 2000s – mainly in fillers. Hyaluronic acid is already found in large number of human cells and is thought to be needed for keeping the skin moisturised. As a person ages they lose this moisture and then the skin begins to age.

How is hydrolifting injection used?

Hyaluronic acid along with other ingredients are combined to make a formula that is unique to each clinic. This is then injected in the target site.

What is the procedure?

The procedure is around 30 mins which could be more or less depending on the area being injected. The area is numbed and then injected. Afterwards there may be some swelling and redness, but this should go down within a few hours.

Who it is good for?

The biggest concern this injection targets is dehydrated and dry skin as well as skin that is losing firmness. Can help with very mild wrinkles or fine lines.

What is the cost?

$120 USD

Before and after:


Oasis Therapy


Everyone knows how important oxygen is for human beings – without it we won’t last more than a few minutes. However, the use it can have for rejuvenating skin and treating aging skin have only recently been understood.

Medically, pure oxygen has been used in curing sickness such as carbon monoxide poisoning where the pure oxygen is breathed in. More research is being done on why using pure oxygen causes such a huge improvement in skin, but it is thought that it is related to cell metabolism on our skin surface.

If you want a fast and effective treatment solution, then you must try out Oasis Therapy as it is considered as the best treatment for skin care in Korea today.

How is Oasis therapy used?

It is supplied to the skin through an oxygen dome mask

What is the procedure?

The treatment is usually 1 hour where the skin is first cleaned and prepped. The oxygen dome mask is then place around the face and it is treated with pure oxygen. After the treatment there is no downtime.

Who it is good for?

For anyone concerned with aging appearance, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, textured skin and dry skin.

What is the cost?

Before and after: Check outMongabong video below who has received Oasis therapy.

Book the treatment here today for a glowing and more youthful skin today. We take care of all the hassles from start to finish for the perfect experience!


Another very famous cosmetic procedure that has been used for hundreds of years in different forms and for different uses. At this point, everybody has heard of the famous Botox. What they might not know is that the key ingredient in this is Botolinum toxin which is why it is called Botox.

This is a type of protein in the body that acts on the muscles and forcibly relaxes them. It has many medical use such as controlling muscle spasms, muscle disorders, excessive sweating and even headaches. This then became common for cosmetic use in the late 1980s and 1990s and now there are many brands providing Botox with unique formulas.

Whether you are looking to soften forehead lines or frown lines, long and proven history of Botox is sure to safely and effectively reduces wrinkles and signs of aging.

How is Botox used?

The Botox is used in the injection form where it is injected under the skin layers and in to the muscle. This then relaxes the muscle for a period of time. Depending on the botox brand used, this period of time varies.

What is the procedure?

Very short procedure, only about 10 mins. It is injected in the muscle of the target area.

Who is it good for?

Botox is more of a prevention method. This means it can help treat fine lines and light wrinkles but it is used to stop more wrinkles from forming or deepening.

What is the cost?

The cost depends on whether Korean brand or foreign brand is used and what area is being treated. The starting cost is around $50.

Fancy some classic Botox injections for a smoother skin?Book the treatment here today!

Exosome Skincare

Stem cells are at the forefront of research for curing many diseases. For medical uses there have been many cures based on stem cells. These stem cells usually release something called an exosome. Put simply, this exosome is like a tiny package released by the cell so that it delivers the nutrients in to another target cell.

The materials in these Exosomes make them great for treating damaged tissue. Since Koreans are prompt to adopt the lastest and greatest methods such as exosome skincare, is one of the reasons why Korean skincare treatments are so famous around the world. Since its inception, Exosome skincare is widely regarded as one of the most effective skin care solution in Korea.

How is Exosome used?

The exosomes combined with other active ingredients are stored in an ampule which is then injected on various parts of the face.

What is the procedure?


First the face is cleansed and then numbing cream is applied. The exosome ampule is then applied and is then made to penetrate deeper in the skin using another type of treatment. This can be MTS (Micro needle therapy system) which uses micro needles to let the treatment sink deeper in the skin, using waves such as Picoway or Iontophoresis (targets natural ions on the skin) After this the treatment is applied once again for maximum effect.

Who is it good for?

Anyone who has scarring, hyper pigmentation, mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines.

What is the cost?

$600 USD on average

Book the treatment here today to receive the best anti-aging clinical care.

Aqua Peeling


Aqua peeling treatment takes over the traditional hydro dermabrasion. Traditional hydro dermabrasion treatment process requires damaging the surface of the skin very minimally but enough to trigger healing. This procedure had a few days of downtime for the redness to heal and was not a suitable option for people with active acne.

Aqua peel, which is a type of hydrafacial, was then introduced as a better solution to hydro dermabration had lower down time and is effective for sensitive skin alternative. Since then, it is widely regarded as one of the most effective treatments for skin care in Korea.

How is it used?

This peel uses chemicals like BHA (beta hydroxy acid) and AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which are acids that are found in nearly all cosmetics, so most people are not sensitive to it.

The two are groups of acids that are responsible for skin healing and targets skin issues like acne. The pure forms of these acids are used in this aqua peeling treatment process.

What is the procedure?

First a layer of AHA is applied to the skin surface to remove all the dirt, which is then suctioned up by a mini vacuum. Then BHA is used in the same way but it targets oil based impurities. After the skin is fully cleansed, the skin is moisturised with a formula that contains plenty of vitamins for the skin to recover.

Who is it good for?

Anyone wanting to cleanse their skin deeply. This targets surface level issues such as black heads, white heads and helps with clearing active acne. The nutrients and vitamins that are applied help with general skin health.

What is the cost?

The average cost is around $100 USD

Try out the Aqua Peel Treatment here today by booking through Jivaka Beauty! Alternatively, you can speak with our professionals for a free consultation.

Rejuran Healer

Skin rejuvenation injections have been around for a while now and research is continuously being done to find the next big formula. Like stem cells, using DNA and related ingredients is extremely beneficial to the skin because it really helps with healing processes.

Rejuran healer injection is one of the popular method for skin care in Korea that uses salmon DNA, specifically the PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide) in the DNA to restore the skin and repair the damage that gives the aging appearance.

How is it used?

The salmon PDRN is combined with other ingredients to create the formula called Rejuran. This is then injected in to the target sites.

What is the procedure?

The procedure is around 30 mins which could be more or less depending on the area being injected. The area is numbed and then injected. Afterwards there may be some swelling and redness, but this should go down within a few hours.

Who is it good for?

This is recommended for those who have aging skin with features like wrinkles, fine line and looser skin. It is also good for scarring and hyperpigmentation.

What is the cost?

Cost starts at around $250 USD

Book this treatment here today.

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