Glass Skin in 30 Minutes? Here's How

It’s no secret that the ultimate goal of our beauty efforts is for us to feel like we've achieved “perfection”. Perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect eyelashes and perfect skin. Of course, the definition of all these “perfects” can differ, and skin is no different.

What is "glass skin"?

One trend in Korea for a "perfect" skin look is called glass skin. Just as it sounds, the glass skin look consists of clear, poreless, shiny skin without imperfections.

The main goal is to obtain a youthful glow that reflects light just like a piece of glass. In order to get the glass skin look, you need to aim for intensively moisturized skin, as well as an even texture and color.

It could take years to find the right cleanser, the right toner, serum, acids, essences, creams, and more, along with strict dedication to your skincare routine and diet to achieve glass skin. Or, you could do it in 30 minutes.

We have cultivated just a few treatments that you can get at a clinic in around 30 minutes to achieve a poreless, shiny, moisturized, soft, glowing glass skin look. 

Rejuran Healer 


Our #1 featured treatment that can help your journey to glass skin is the Rejuran Healer injection. Rejuran was derived from a substance called PN (Polynucleotide), a component from salmon DNA known for its skin regenerating properties. This skin booster is injected into your skin and will help with skin elasticity, acne scars, and tightening your pores.


Skin Botox 

Skin botox is hands down the best way to get smooth, even skin in a short amount of time. Instead of injecting botox to relax the muscles that create wrinkles, botox is injected into the upper layer of the skin, creating an even texture and reducing the appearance of your pores.

Oasis Therapy - Bioface

This treatment from Bioface uses TAN & MAHK therapy to repair the upper layers of the skin and LDM (local dynamic microwave) ultrasound technology that together firms and lifts the skin from deep within. This treatment does everything from heal redness and scarring to helping produce collagen to fill out wrinkles and smooth skin texture. 

Exosome Rejuvenation - Chang Dermatology Clinic

This treatment uses a skin regenerative facial treatment utilizing exosomes that will act as a growth factor but also will give other beneficial materials to your skin. Those exosomes will be absorbed into the skin and will regenerate it at a cellular level. This treatment is good in order to rejuvenate your face, treat wrinkles and lines, but also improve the skin texture and tone which helps you to achieve youthful skin!

Oxygen Therapy - Bioface 

Oxygen Therapy treatment introduces concentrated oxygen into the skin, which helps your skin repair itself naturally. Mixed with nutrients and antioxidants, the oxygen therapy treatment will help you naturally shed dull or dry skin, which in return reveals fresh and pure skin.

Aqua Peel

If you’re someone that requires a lot of exfoliation in your daily routine, an Aqua Peel just might be the solution for you. An Aqua Peel uses a suction device that vacuums up all the dry skin resting on your face and dirt inside your pores. An Aqua Peel alone can have your skin refreshed and clean, and combined with another treatment can get your skin glossy in no time. 

Getting Glass Skin in South Korea

Are you interested in getting glass skin and want a consultation for one of the treatments above? Consult 1:1 with one of our specialists here, or browse all of the skin booster treatments that JIVAKA has to offer. JIVAKA Beauty takes the uneasiness out of booking and scheduling skincare treatments in Korea.

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