‘Linear Firm’ – painless lifting in Seoul

Reasons why wrinkles appear

Age, genes, decreased subcutaneous fat, blood circulation, sebum secretion, and moisture, along with deterioration of elastic fibers or connective tissues and muscles are the internal factors causing wrinkles whereas UV rays, cosmetics that are not suitable for the skin, smoking, alcohol, pollution, and dryness are the external ones.

When the elastic fibers and collagen are denatured, the elasticity decreases and the tissues supporting the skin weaken resulting in skin sagging. As the skin sags, wrinkles appear around the eyelids, eyebrows, nose, and corners of the mouth.



Lifting that effectively reduces wrinkles and facial fat

Collapsing facial lines is not just a problem of middle-aged people. Although wrinkles and sagging skin occur as we age, sagging lines on the cheeks and chin caused by fat can be easily seen even in young people.

The most widely used and effective equipment include 'Ulthera', 'Doublo Gold', and 'Shurink'. All of them use HIFU technology, while ‘Linear Firm’ is the equipment that appeared when the latest technology called LIFU (Linear Focus Ultrasound) was applied to the existing HIFU technology.



Less pain and reduced treatment time

Most of HIFU and MFU equipment use dot cartridges. The dot cartridge method can deliver strong energy, but there is also a disadvantage caused by narrow heating areas. In order to overcome this drawback, the linear cartridge is made to irradiate energy in a line by reducing the distance between dots. ‘Linear Firm’ can use not only linear cartridges but also existing dot cartridges. The larger the heating area, the faster the procedure time, and the better the pain management.


Difference between regular HIFU and ‘Linear Firm”



In the case of a line type cartridge, the time to create a thermal coagulation point is relatively shorter than that of a dot type cartridge. In addition, since the range of the thermal coagulation point can be widened, energy can be transmitted evenly, and heat is transferred at once.



About ‘Linear Firm” procedure in Seoul

‘Linear Firm’ includes 6 linear cartridges and 7 dot cartridges (2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 9mm, 11mm, 13mm) that can be used at various depths. Depending on your desired results, you can select a cartridge suitable for the epidermis, dermal layer, SMAS layer, or fat layer.



Advantages of ‘Linear Firm’

  • Linear cartridge allows for a shorter treatment time with fewer gaps in the area of use
  • Even energy transfer with line-type irradiation method
  • Delivers energy to various skin layers with 6 types of cartridges

‘Linear Firm’ takes only 3 minutes to irradiate 300 shots. That is faster than any existing dot method can offer. In addition to reduced treatment time, ‘Linear Firm’ is less painful, and the effect can be seen immediately.



Treatment to use together with ‘Linear Firm’

When used together with ‘In-Mode’, ‘Linear Firm’ helps reduce fat while improving skin elasticity and texture.


‘Linear Firm’ ultrasonic lifting is recommended for:

  • those concerned about sagging cheeks (jowls)
  • those who want to get lifting without surgery
  • those looking for a lifting that pulls the skin from the inside out
  • those concerned about pain during lifting procedures


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