Mole removal: reason for scarring

mole removal spot behind a neck

A mole sometimes can be an appealing factor for someone. But if you have moles that are too large or too many, it can be a bit irritating and unattractive for some individuals. Moles and blemishes are difficult to heal naturally, and if left unattended for a long time, they can appear deep or sometimes spread throughout the face, so it is recommended to prevent or take care of them in advance.

The reason why moles removal are scarring

Mole removal process and result on a three consequences images

Mole extraction is a relatively simple procedure, but incorrect procedures can cause side effects of skin diseases such as scarring and pigmentation.

During mole removal treatment:

1) Can't tell the difference between pigments and real moles

2) Smaller moles are treated with a wider laser or wrong machine

3) If unverified equipment is used or if the mole removal procedure were done poorly, it may leave unwanted scars

Since moles come in different types, shapes, and depths of dots, the removal method will also be different according to their characteristics.

CO2 laser machince for mole removal

The most common method in mole removal is by using CO2 laser. CO2 laser is a procedure whereby the moles are removed by burning the skin with heat, although the patient doesn’t bleed during the mole removal process but it can cause scars more easily due to the heat damage. On the other hand, erbium laser removes moles while finely peeling the skin, there is no heat damage to the skin, so the scar is minimized after removing the moles.

How to remove moles according to size:

small black moles do not have deep roots below the neck

Small black moles: Since small black moles do not have deep roots, they can be extracted simply without damaging the surrounding tissue by using a carbon dioxide laser. Because the carbon dioxide laser is well absorbed by water, it responds well to moist skin tissue, and since laser irradiation is limited to only moles, there is less heat damage to the surrounding skin.

protruding moles have deep roots on a skin

Protruding moles: The protruding moles have deep roots, so if you pull them out recklessly, it is easy to leave scars. Therefore, it is important to cut the moles evenly to match the skin layer. It may vary depending on the size or depth, but a rather deep moles can be removed without a trace by using a dot-removing laser.

Brown spots or also called as birthmarks on a body

Brown spots: Brown spots or also called as birthmarks, are usually flat, pigmented spots on the skin which can occur not only on the face but also anywhere on the skin and vary in size and shape. Unless it is protruding or dark in color, it is not necessary to remove it. Other than that, blue spot or white spot belong to cases where they are removed because of the pigment appearance, and can only be removed using pigment laser. Pigment removal alone can give a bright effect to the skin.

apply sunscreen on hand during hot summer

It is also important to pay attention to skin health care after the procedure. It is recommended to apply sunscreen regularly to avoid sun damage during the summer. Avoid going out as much as possible on days when UV rays are strong, but if you have to, it is recommended to minimize exposure by wearing a hat, umbrella, or long-sleeved clothes.

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