Lip fillers in korea

Lip fillers in Korea: 

Thin lips can give a cold or narrow impression. If the lips are asymmetrical or the corners of the mouth are drooping, and the lips are wrinkled, it may look weak and become a complex factor. Although it is natural that lips also age as we get older. Collagen decreases, the muscles and skin tissues change, resulting in changes of lip shape. One of the options that can be considered to solve this is through lip fillers. Young people usually find it as a way to change their impression without surgery, but sometimes middle-aged people also use lip fillers to reduce lip wrinkles that stand out especially when applying matte lipstick.

The biggest effect of the lip filler is that it creates a thick lip shape that gives a lively and voluminous impression in a short time with a simple procedure without surgery. If you apply volume to your lips with a filler, you can see the effect of correcting it with a soft, gentle, and young impression. Lip filler can make your lips look more plump. However, reckless treatment can also give side effects and adverse effects. Therefore, in this post we summarized five things that you must know before getting lip fillers.

1. Golden ratio for beautiful lips

According to a report by the University of California in the United States, the ideal ratio of upper and lower lips is 1:1.68. . The ratio of golden lips that are ideal and beautiful is that the lower lip is slightly thicker than the upper lip! Rather than insisting only on volume when getting lip fillers, it is better to figure out what you want to improve on your lip in advance and consult with a professional based on this.

2. Importance of filler selection

There are so many different types and brands of fillers to choose from. Such as hyaluronic acid fillers (Restylene and Juvederm), calcium fillers (Radiesse and Facetem) and PCL fillers (Ellanse). The maintenance period also differs depending on the type of filler. Fillers with fine particles last for about 6 months, and fillers with large particles last for more than a year.

Juvederm or Restylane, which are mainly used for lip fillers, are soft and have good cohesion, so they are advantageous for creating a natural and satisfying shape. Both fillers have a safe decomposing enzyme called hyalase, so if you do not like it, you can fix it by injecting the degradation enzyme immediately after the procedure.

Moreover, Restylane is a non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid component, so it is decomposed after a certain period of time and does not leave any residue in the human body.

3. Relationship between lips and philtrum

The shape of your philtrum can change when you touch your lips. This should not be overlooked, as the weight of an individual plays an important role in their impression. If the overall volume of the lips is insufficient, the philtrum looks long. In this case, it is important to focus on making the length of the lip short while contouring the upper lip and apply it evenly to both the upper and lower lip to give volume. Thus, lip filler treatment should vary depending on the situation you have.

4. Procedure that you can get with lip fillers

In order to make the lip filler look more effective, botox (botulinum toxin) injection at the corners of the mouth and smile lines (nasolabial fold) are also commonly done by patients at the same time. Botox on the corners of the mouth has the effect of raising the corners of the mouth by paralyzing the descending muscles of the corners of the mouth. After the lip filler treatment, it may appear slightly protruding forward but by filling in nasolabial folds or marionettes (wrinkles on the lip of the mouth) with filler it can improve the appearance of the lips. In addition, a treatment that can help the appearance of a deep chin so that it will look sharper can also be done together with lip filler treatment.

5. Reducing side effects

Due to the nature of the injection procedure, there may be temporary bruises and swelling and it vary to each individual. For effectiveness, it is recommended to refrain from excessive massages on the filler area or eating hot food immediately after the procedure. In addition, it is best not to exercise on the day of the procedure, and in particular, activities that draw blood concentration to the face such as massage or facial care, should be further avoided. Especially during the first few days after the lip filler treatment it is better to restrain too much movement on the lip area to help the dermal filler that place and maintain the shape.

If you plan to get a lip filler procedure, it is recommended that you avoid taking blood-thinning painkillers (excluding Tylenol), fish oil, and vitamin E at least 10 days before your lip filler appointment. Thin blood can cause more bruising or bleeding. Also, if you want the most natural result, it is better to inject the filler several times, little by little, rather than getting a big amount at once.

Till now, we have talked about 5 things you need to know before getting lip filler. Whether it's your entire lip, your lower lip, or just the middle of your upper lip, you can talk to your doctor about injecting lip fillers in a way that will make your face stand out. Lip fillers should only be done from specialists such as dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Although it is easy to be fascinated by an affordable price, we recommend that you have the procedure done by a professional who is experienced in lip fillers.



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