Potenza Treatment for Acne in Korea

Potenza Treatment for Acne in Korea

Potenza Treatment for Acne in Korea

Sebum production increases during the summer due to the high temperature and humidity. This causes the pores to enlarge and break outs to occur, which worsen the skin. UV rays cause freckles and dark spots, and also decreases the skin’s elasticity. This leads to frequent visits to the dermatology clinic.

Recently, “Potenza” has been called a “miracle laser” for acne treatment at dermatology clinics in Seoul. POTENZA® is a laser that injects micro needles and delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy into the dermis. Using the principle of the heat generated by the load or contact resistance coagulates the tissue, the energy is selectively delivered to different skin layers depending on the condition of the skin. As the tissue coagulates, it produces new collagen and regenerates the skin. It can help treat acne, acne scars, pores, and also improve skin texture.


1. Specialty of Potenza

-14 types of tips can be used according to the condition of your skin.

-The penetration depth of the needle can be adjusted from 0.5mm~4.0mm

-Potenza has the benefit of being able to select the type and tip according to the desired application and how you want your skin to improve.

-The tips can be switched during the treatment so not only can it treat acne but also a combination of other skin concerns with just one device.

-Various types of skin boosters can be selected and incorporated depending on your skin type.


Potenza Laser Needle Types and Effects

2. Potenza Laser Needle Types and Effects

The tip for Potenza can be selected according to the treatment purpose. Customized treatment can be carried out according to the skin type, skin concerns, and skin conditions etc. Potenza laser has 14 types of tips; non-invasive RF (3 Tips), and Invasive (11 Tips). The invasive RF tip injects micro needles into the skin and delivers RF energy deep into the skin layer.

Acne related skin conditions: ‘ONE needle tip’ that target sebaceous glands

Skin regeneration effects: ‘Insulated needle tip’ that does not irritate the skin layer and selectively inputs energy deep into the skin 

Skin remodeling: The 'non insulated tip' administers energy into shallow and deep layers of the skin.

When doing skin booster: ‘Pumping mode tip’ that injects the solution evenly and deep into the dermis

When delivering strong energy: By using a needless, non-invasive tip, there will be no damage to the skin layer while the energy will be delivered deep into the skin.

Effect of Potenza

3. Effect of Potenza

  • Balances sebum production

: Sebum production is balanced by coagulating the sebaceous glands. This improves acne, and helps reduce pores.

  • Improves blood vessels

:The blood vessels near the skin will be coagulated. It helps improve facial redness and facial complexion due to blood vessels.

  • Collagen production

:The old coagulated collagen is discharged out of the body and new collagen is formed. This helps improve skin elasticity and wrinkles.

  • Double chin reduction

:Coagulates the fat cells on areas with a lot of fat such as the cheeks, jaw, etc. This decreases volume and the double chin so that improvements can be seen for the face line.

Korean Acne Treatment

4.Why Potenza is Recommend for Korean Acne Treatment

1) By using radiofrequency energy, damage to the skin is minimized and the recovery time is short.

: Potenza laser can be inserted according to how deep you want it to be. Insertion of the micro needle mitigates damage to the skin's epidermis while pain is relieved after the instantaneous insertion. It can be used on the forehead, around the eyes, nose, cheeks, jawline, neck, the whole face, etc. After the treatment, facial redness and downtime will be short.


2) Safe Medical Device that is FDA Approved

Potenza is a safe medical device that is FDA approved. The treatment can be done 2~3 weeks apart and depending on the condition of your skin, at least 3 sessions can bring effects.

. Potenza Treatment

5. Potenza Treatment Information

Time: Within 30 minutes

Anesthesia method: Topical numbing cream

Recovery time: Daily activities possible right after

Effects: Skin will improve and effects will show 2~3 days after the treatment.

Recommended interval: At least 3 sessions, 3~4 weeks apart.


6. Great Treatments to Pair with Potenza

-Pore elasticity + Sebum balance: Full face Potenza + CRYO soothing care

-Pore elasticity, scar improvement: Potenza pumping tip + Juve Look + CRYO soothing care

-Acne, pore, scar improvement: Potenza pumping tip + Exosome + CRYO soothing care


7. Precautions After Potenza

-Wash your face on the day of treatment, avoid wearing makeup until the next day.  

-Refrain from drinking, smoking, exercises that cause sweating, warm compressions, sauna, etc for at least a week.

-Use UV protection, moisturizer, and regenerative cream thoroughly 

-Feeling of hot, stinging sensation, swelling, redness, burning sensation, dryness, and itchiness may occur which will get better.

-Leftover dead skin can remain, let it heal naturally. Do not peel it off and avoid using scrubs.


8. Getting the Potenza Treatment

1) Concerns of acne and pores on the cheeks and nose

acne and pores

2) Confirm the authentic tip being opened

Potenza Laser Needle

3) Thoroughly treat acne prone areas like the cheeks, jawline, under the eyes, around the eyes, nose bridge, and nose tip.

Potenza Treatment for Acne in KoreaPotenza Treatment for Acne in KoreaPotenza Treatment for Acne in Korea

4) CRYO for soothing care after the skin gets red from Potenza.



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