Recommendations for health examination centers and programs in Seoul during your trip in Korea

Recommendations for health examination centers and programs in Seoul during your trip in Korea

The concern for modern individuals is not just living long but living a healthy life. It is not an exaggeration to say that a healthy life is an essential element for a happy and authentic life.

However, as one ages, personal effort is necessary to maintain a healthy life. Regular exercise, balanced habits, and periodic health examinations, detecting and treating various diseases in advance, are the cornerstones for a healthy life.

The importance of health examination lies in early detection of diseases addressing the onset and improvement of obesity checking one’s health age managing chronic conditions and preventing unnecessary medical interventions.

However, the high cost of medical treatment often leads to many individuals not receiving medical benefits. Therefore, many foreigners are increasingly turning to medical tourism in South Korea, known for its excellent healthcare and advanced medical systems.

Health examinations in Korea especially, offer the advantage of quickly connecting to treatment if a disease is discovered during the examination process. Here, 3 health examination centers in Seoul and various examination programs are introduced.

For Premium Health Examinations in Seoul, Korea: Chaum Clinic

Premium Health Checkups

Chaum is a leading premium center in Korea, offering premium services where you can undergo examinations in dedicated private spaces.

Experts and equipment in various fields come directly to individual spaces at Chaum, enabling through examinations from basic tests to precise examinations for cancer, heart, brain, and other life cycle-based assessments. This allows for rapid and accurate testing using state-of-the-art equipment.

Location: 2F, Chaum, 442, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

What makes Chaum Clinic standout :

• Personalized care by dedicated nurses in private spaces.

•Up to 25 individuals can undergo examinations in a day, supported by a team of over 40 specialists dedicated to personalized care for a select few.

Customized result consultations with specialists.

•Chaum’s unique radiation exposure management system ensures harmless whole-body MRI and low-dose CT scans for the human body.

•Customized health management is available through 12 medical departments and 11 specialized centers.

Explore health examination packages at Chaum, Gangnam





Specialized Health Examination centers by field in Seoul, Korea: HanshinMedipia

HanshinMedipia is a longstanding examination center that has been supporting the health of the local community for 40 years. They operate ultrasound examination centers, radiology centers, diagnostic pathology centers, endoscopy centers, women’s health management centers, and thyroid clinic centers.

Location: 94, Jamwon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

What makes HanshinMedipia distinctive:

  • Accurate interpretations by a diverse team of over 350 excellent medical professionals.
  • Whole-body examinations based on qualifications, specific body areas, and age.
  • New examinations such as DNA genetic testing, occupational stress testing, digital infrared thermographic imaging, and biological age assessments are available.
  • Wellness promotion through state-of-the-art medical imaging devices.
  • A network system with affiliated clinics for fast and comfortable post-care management.


Explore health examination packages at HanshinMedipia

Health Screening Programs - Basic

Health Screening Programs - Signature

Health Screening Programs - Royal



Health Examination Center at Garosu-gil, Gangnam: IMC Gangnam Health Examination Center

IMC Gangnam Health Examination Center

IMC Gangnam Health Examination Center is located near the renowned Garosu-gil in Seoul, attracting not only local residents with its strategic location but also numerous foreigners seeking examinations due to its state-of-the-art screening techniques.

The one-day examination program, especially popular, allows individuals to receive rapid and accurate test results within just 4 hours after the examination. Additionally, DEXA scans, forming the foundation for proper dieting, are also well-received.

Location: B1, SYH Tower B1 107, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

What makes IMC Gangnam Health Examination Center unique :

  • Fast and convenient screening system
  • Top-tier medical equipment
  •  Conducting adult screening programs and comprehensive initial examinations for major diseases.
  • Providing specialized screening programs for the diagnosis of major diseases, cancer, and adult illnesses.

  • Offering personalized tests for individual health management.

Explore health examination packages at IMC Gangnam Health Examination Center

One-day check-up

DEXA: Body Composition Analysis




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