Acne Scars treatment in Seoul with Virtue RF

Virtue RF Acne Scars, Lifting Procedure Effects in Seoul

It’s uses for various functions such as skin regeneration, lifting, pigment treatment, tightening, pores amelioration, scar treatment, etc. If you have these skin problems at the same time, Virtue RF can help. Acne Scars treatment in Seoul

Warm sunshine brightens our mood, but the strong ultraviolet rays make our skin to get ail. Ultraviolet rays break down the skin barriers and deepening wrinkles, blemish, and dark sports. Moreover, if the harmful substances in fine dust stimulate the sebaceous glands will cause inflammation also.

When this condition persists, our skin immunity loses its power against external stimuli which promotes skin aging. To prevent and avoid this phenomenon, we can consider skin lasers that are effective for skin elasticity.

What is Virtue RF? 

With high-frequency energy Virtue RF with cooling system
*Reducing pores, skin texture improvement, elasticity improvement
*Acne scar improvement in seoul
*Contour/eyelid lifting effect

Virtue RF is a micro-needle RF medical device that uses high-frequency electricity to coagulate tissue in the skin to induce skin regeneration. We can expect more strong and healthy skin through High-frequency energy which delivered deep into the dermis layer to stimulates the dermal tissue, promoting collagen and elastin regeneration. In addition, the High-frequency energy is also helping to reduce adipose tissue by targeting it.

Virtue RF is a safe product that has been approved by the US FDA, European CE, and Korea MFDS. It has more than 20,000 clinical experiences worldwide and recognized for its stability. 

Find out the effects of Virtue RF

(1) Using Three different hand pieces to customize treatments for each types of skin

Virtue RF can be optimized for a variety of skin type in seoul. Also, it’s a non-incisional procedure using a micro-needle which reduce the recovery period. Due to the short recovery time, there is less burden on symptoms after skin treatment.


<Characteristics for each Hand piece of Virtue RF> Acne Scars treatment in Seoul


Induce regeneration by minimizing tissue damage. It’s a IPRS technology that reduce pain and irritation, furthermore, show various effects more safely


Designed to use powerful energy to deeper inside and the DEEP hand piece is made of ACS technology that minimizes damage and pain. Also, deliver a powerful energy effectively and safely into the skin tissues


The EXACT hand piece is designed to be used more precisely and accurately. It’s enable effective treatment by assisting deliver of the energy more tightly to the required depth.

(2) Recommendation target of Virtue RF

 Virtue RF procedure provides skin regeneration and reconstruction effects. Additionally, focus on amelioration of lifting, tightening, pigment, acne scar, dark sports, stretch mark, pore, etc. According to the procedure region and method the various effect is shown.


(3) Stages of Virtue RF effect

·Right after the procedure: The skin turns red and feels warm

·2hours later: Redness subsides and there are some surgical stains left

·Day 1~7: The treatment marks subside and feel a tugging in the skin as collagen production is boosted. Skin tone become clearer.

·1week~4week: Continuous regeneration improves skin elasticity and skin tone become clearer.

·4week: Completion of skin regeneration

Satisfactory procedure combine with Virtue RF

·For Double chin: Virtue RF+ Contour Injection + Square Jaw Botox

·For Flabby and Saggy skin: Virtue RF+ Juvelook

·For Dull and Dark skin tone: Virtue RF+ G-wave

·For acne scar: Virtue RF+Apple Laser

·For fine wrinkles: Virtue RF+ Skin Botox

·For droopy pores: Virtue RF+ Exosome (MTS)+ Skin Botox

Precautions after acne scar treatment and Virtue RF procedure

Acne Scars treatment in Seoul

·Sauna and shower are prohibited within 24 hours of treatment.

·Avoid excessive drinking and exercise before and after the procedure.

·Do not use peeling and exfoliating products for a week after the procedure.

·Apply moisturizing cream consistently.

·Must apply sunblock whenever you go out.

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