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IMC Gangnam Clinic

ai-CANCERCH™ test

₩1,200,000 ₩1,500,000

IMC Gangnam Clinic

With just one blood draw, early detection of 6 types of cancer is possible with the

ai-CANCERCH™ test

1,500,000 won

1,200,000 won

“For cancer treatment,
the best approach is early detection.”


- Concerns about radiation from full-body CT scans
- Lack of time
- Doubts about testing methods and results

Delay screening and treatment, leading to a sharp decrease in survival rates.

Cancer screening has been made

Less burdensome in procedure for those facing these challenges while increasing accuracy.

What is ai-CANCERCH™ test?

The ai-CANCERCH™ test is a simple early cancer screening test that analyzes tumor-derived DNA floating in the bloodstream to predict the risk of six ongoing cancers.

*This test is unrelated to disease diagnosis, so consultation with a physician is essential for diagnosis and treatment planning.

The ai- CANCERCH™ test is recommended for individuals who:

• Want to know the presence of the six major cancers throughout the body without concerns about radiation exposure.

• Seek new screening tests rather than repetitive screening routines.

• Are looking for genetic tests to predict not only the onset of diseases in the future but also the presence of current cancers.

The principle of the ai-CANCERCH™

The test lies in liquid biopsy, which enables the detection of six types of cancer throughout the body with just one blood draw.
Liquid biopsy is a method of disease screening using bodily fluids such as blood.

In blood, various biomarkers that can be used for disease screening are present, among which cell-free DNA (cfDNA) stands out. cfDNA, released from cells into the bloodstream, carries the genetic characteristics of its originating cells. Therefore, cfDNA derived from cancer cells contains genetic information characteristic of cancer cells.

However, in the case of early-stage cancer, cfDNA derived from cancer cells exists in extremely small amounts in the bloodstream, making its extraction and analysis technically challenging and requiring advanced technology.

The ai-CANCERCH™ test analyzes various features of cancer cell DNA and integrates the results to screen for early-stage cancer through blood samples.

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