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IMC Gangnam Clinic

One-day check-up

₩300,000 ₩700,000

IMC Gangnam Clinic

One-day check-up

Exclusive benefits that you can only find at JIVAKA!

700,000 won

300,000 WON

Do you have any discomfort in any part of your body?

Those who are concerned about the contours of their cheeks, jaw, and cheekbones

Have you smoked more than 5 packs of cigarettes in your lifetime?

Get fast and accurate test results in just 4 hours after the examination.
Check your health status with a one-day check-up.
The IMC Health Examination Center is the beginning of health management.

The importance of health examinations

✅ Early detection of diseases
✅ The start of disease and obesity improvement
✅ Checking your health age
✅ Managing chronic diseases
✅ Preventing excessive medical treatment

Examination Process

Fill out the questionnaire


Medical examination

Review of test results

Exclusive benefits that you can only find at JIVAKA!



Name of Examination

RBC, WBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, Platelet, PCT, MPV, PDW

Related conditions and clinical significance

Complete blood count


Segment, Lymphocyte, Monocyte, Eosinophil, Basophil, Band, Metamyelocyte, Myelocyte, Promyelocyte, Blast

Differential blood count

Kidney Function

BUN, Creatinine, GFR, B/C ratio, Uric Acid

Kidney function test

Liver Function

T.Protein, Albumin, Globulin, A/G Ratio, ALP, T.Bilirubin, GOT(AST), GPT(ALT), r-GGT

Liver function test

Hepatitis Screening


Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C screening

Diabetic Screening*

Glucose, HbA1c

Diabetes mellitus

Lipid/cholesterol profile*

Total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, Triglyceride

Dyslipidemia and other metabolic disorders


Iron(Fe), TIBC, UIBC

Anemia status

Pancreas screening



heart disease and blood vessel disorders


Heart disease and blood vessel disorders

Immune and inflammation

• RA Factor (Rheumatoid factor)
• CRP (C-reactive protein)

• Inflammation, autoimmune disease and others
• Inflammation, heart disease

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Blood Vitamin D level  

Thyroid Screening

TSH, free T4

Thyroid function tests

Sex hormone

Testosterone (Male), Estradiol(E2) (Female)


Tumor marker

• CA19-9
• Ferritin
• PSA (Male)
• CA 125 (Female)
• CA 15-3 (Female)

• Liver
• Pancreas
• Leukemia, inflammation
• Colon
• Prostate
• Ovary
• Breast

Venereal disease


Syphilis, HIV Screening


Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone body, Specific gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Leukocyte esterase, RBC, WBC, Cast, Crystal, Epi-cell, bacteria and others

Urinalysis, microscopic urinalysis

Total Cost

700,000 won

300,000 WON

*highlighted section: 8 hours of fasting required

Jivaka Recommends!

Health Examination + Garosu-gil Tour Package

11:00 AM

▸ Dress-up for a wonderful trip!

12:00 PM

▸ Get a health examination at IMC near Sinsa station Exit 7

1:00 PM

▸ Visit a popular restaurant in Garosu-gil

2:00 PM

▸ Enjoy sweets at a café in Garosu-gil

3:00 PM

▸ Shop in Garosu-gil

3:40 PM

▸ Take selfies with your friends in a photo booth!

4:00 PM

▸ Check your health examination results!

Our facilities


B1, SYH Tower B1 107, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

서울시 강남구 도산대로 107 SYH타워 B1 IMC종합검진센터

Hours of Operation

MON-FRI | 07:30 AM ~ 04:30 PM

SAT | 07:30 AM ~ 12:30 PM

SUN, Public holidays   | Closed

*Weekday walk-ins close at 3:30pm.

General Information about IMC Gangnam Clinic

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