What Is A Mouth Corner Lift Treatment And Who Should Get It?

Has a friend ever approached you and said, "what's wrong? You look sad!" Or perhaps you've got what many people call a "resting b-tch face". If the way your mouth corners turn downward has bothered you before, then lets look at some non-surgical mouth corner lifting treatments. 

Mouth Corner Lift Botox

How does mouth corner lift Botox work?

mouth corner lift botox

If you look at the drawing above, you can see what is called the DAO (Depressor Anuguli Oris) muscle highlighted. The DAO muscle is the muscle that pulls the mouth corner down. When you inject Botox into the DAO muscle, the muscle atrophy's and ceases to pull your mouth downwards (if you are curious about how botox works in the muscle, read our cartoon on the topic to help you understand) Hence the mouth corner lift Botox.

Who is mouth corner lift Botox suitable for?

The mouth corner lift botox is suitable for people whose mouth corners naturally point down when resting, or whose mouth corners do not rise easily even while smiling. For these people, the mouth corner lift botox can help mouth corners not to point downwards, and enable the mouth to smile with more ease.

When can I see the effects and for how long?

You will be able to start seeing results after a week and the greatest effect after around one month. The results last for at least 6 months. For semi-permanent results, people usually go for 3 botox shots in intervals of 3~4 months.

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Mouth Corner Lift Filler

How do mouth corner lift fillers work?

mouth corner lift filler

The mouth corner lift filler works by injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the area shown by the green arrows in the above image. This makes the upper lip line form a W shape, allowing your lip corners to lift in a waving fashion. Also, a small amount of HA filler is injected into the lower lip so to close the gap between the mouth created by the upper lip being lifted. You can expect a more dramatic change than the botox.

Who are mouth corner lifting fillers suitable for?

The mouth corner lift filler is suitable for people with thinner lips and horizontal or drooping mouth corners. The filler treatment can increase volume of the lips and also help lift the corners of the mouth.

When can I see the effects and for how long?

The effects can be seen immediately after the injection of the HA filler. There can be slight swelling which will normally be reduced in 2 to 3 days. The lasting period of the mouth corner lift filler really depends on what brand of filler was used, but it normally ranges from between 6 months to a year. Since the mouth is an area of the mouth that has a lot of movement, the filler effects last shorter than when injected into areas like the nose or the forehead.

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